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One Lovely Blog award

A really good writer by the name of Lindsay Niemann who blogs at Midnight Rant nominated http://www.literarylifestories.com for the One Lovely Blog award. Often I write and think ‘no one will read this’ but I post nonetheless because I use my blog as my business website! 227 more words

Life Story

Hairy Eyebrows

What’s the story with eyebrows? Believe it or not, back in my school days I use to shave my eyebrows in a hopeful prayer that they may not look too hairy. 401 more words

Daily Thoughts

Nine (2009)

“Directing a movie is a very overrated job, we all know it. You just have to say yes or no. What else do you do? Nothing. 522 more words


Melania Dalla Costa gallery Vanity Fair Italia

Nell’intervista fatta all’attrice per il magazine ho trovato questa galleria immagini.

Ecco anche alcune sue risposte ..
A parte Sophia Loren, chi è il suo modello di attrice contemporanea, tra le italiane e quelle internazionali? 37 more words

55 and counting

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love.

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