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Feliz aniversário!

No dia 18 de março deste ano, Alberto, Nino, Sophia e seus irmãos espalhados por este mundão completaram onze anos. Comecei a escrever um post de aniversário e eis que a vida me atropelou de novo. 1,211 more words


The Death Note

Heh. Takkanlah rindu. Asek mimpi je. Tak best betul. -_-” Nasib baik bangun-bangun tengok Copikoko kat sebelah. Comel je ye bobom cebelah Ummi. Aummm.

Oh. Takziah kepada keluarga mendiang Karpal Singh. 95 more words


The Way: Is Yahweh/Jehovah Satan?

This is the first of ‘The Way’ series. ‘The Way’ will reveal the major alterations made to the Bible, theological and historical coverups – all part of the Great Deception. 2,539 more words

Sophia Global Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for Canon CLI8

6Canon compatible BCI3e Black Ink: This is very good for those who prefer crisp, black printing for their office work. It has a capacity to print 500 pages and costs just 7 dollars, giving you full value of your money. 312 more words

Sophie's Song

Here is the second song I’ve written.  Like the last it’s about love and understanding.  Sophie refers to the Gnostic aeon Sophia, whom the song is directed towards as well.  262 more words


Feature: moonbell


By Sophia Abbey

I remember the first time I heard moonbell, early high school, sitting in my living room. I was at a stage where I desperately wanted to expand my musical horizons and I turned to softer more ambient and psychedelic sounds. 1,243 more words