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Haşdeu Castle

How to get there:

By car: Câmpina is accessible on the DN1 national road, 95km north of Bucharest, between Bucharest and Brașov. At the entrance in Câmpina, leave DN1 for Nicolae Bălcescu St, which continues with Carol I Boulevard, where Haşdeu Castle is located at no 199. 408 more words


Learning a culture by living a language

So, I watched Frozen yesterday. But, not like you’re thinking – I watched it in Portuguese.

I know what you’re thinking. Why, Vane, why?

Well, person, I’ll tell you: because I want to learn Portuguese. 497 more words


Sunshine and boats and history and school.... and July begins....

It was beautiful and hot summer weather here for a few days last week, and with a good wind, the sailboats were out at the garden ponds in Paris. 543 more words

We Go All Around The World

And we’re not even Cheetah girls!


I am so pumped right now because I feel like God is moving to answer my prayers…


So you know how I’ve been declaring that my dream is to go to France, even though I have no idea how that’s going to happen? 606 more words

Daily Anecdotes

La Sorbonne

جامعة السوربون في باريس

وقد تأسست في القرون الوسطى وتعتبر من أقدم الجامعات في العالم ومن أكثرها شهرة
تقع الجامعة في الحي اللاتيني في قلب العاصمة الفرنسية بالقرب من حدائق لكسمبور و تمتاز في تخصصات التاريخ والشؤون الدولية والاداب والعلوم الاجتماعية


Hola a todos!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I thought I should start by explaining a bit about who I am and outlining my plans for the next year or so. 137 more words

La jolie langue française

Why am I so happy with the French language today? Because it turns out I’ve mastered it!   I passed my big test! Well, not exactly mastered but I passed the 4th out of 6 levels, so I guess you could say I am mediocre in French, average, mais par la Sorbonne. 1,041 more words