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Of course I am the fairy with bright orange felt-tip hair.


It's Kryś-mas Time

Spent Saturday night dining and boozing with all the people who have made my time here in Paris so good. We went to an English pub, of course, the Frog & Princess, and then followed on in a number of bars to celebrate. 60 more words


It's Been One Week Since You Looked at Me

Youpiiiii!! I made it one week of blogging! Go me!! And yes, I’ve now started rockin’ out to some Barenaked Ladies in my head. The people around me (considering I’m writing while waiting for my class to start) are totally judging my head-bobbing. 676 more words

Master's Thesis

I should probably be studying

I’m excited to start this post on a positive note: our Erasmus grant has finally come through!! There have been a few changes to the contract and back-and-forth issues with Warwick University, so the past couple of months have been quite stressful – the grant usually arrives in early October. 1,637 more words


11 weeks today

It’s exactly 11 weeks today that I moved into my little apartment here in Paris. And I now only have three and a half weeks left. 570 more words


YOUR OPINIONS NEEDED! Masters Thesis On Housewives...

SH has been asked to assist one of our international readers in their Housewives research!  His questions would be better answered by as many SH readers/viewers of the Housewives franchises as possible and not strictly the viewpoint of SH. 277 more words


Sorbonne Class Update: Presenting the Idea of American Hegemony

“Emily, who is presenting on the article today, is very courageous,” my French professor started, introducing me to the class. (He’d never bothered to introduce anyone before)  “She is an American student and I’m very happy that she is presenting this orally because most foreign students do the written assignment instead, so she is very brave.” 663 more words

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