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The Kangraffs' Curse: Chapter 21

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“It isn’t working, Maxwell!” Louise greeted her husband in the dining hall.  She swept past the too-thin servants and the great roast turkey cooling on a garnished silver platter to join the king at the head of the table.   647 more words


BOOK REVIEW - "Dust and Light" by Carol Berg

One of the perks of going to NYCC on Professional Day is getting free books, some of which are older “incentive” books, some of which are galleys of recently printed or soon-to-be printed books.  624 more words

Book Review

Magic Painting

Magic Painting

            The role of a magician has not changed through the ages, their goal is to distract your attention from what is really happening before your eyes in order to surprise you through supernatural means. 69 more words


HEDGEPOETRY and HEDGEWILD :: the illustrated 'Sometimes a Wild God' book perks...

Rima’s art needs little introduction for many of our supporters – it’s a phenomenon of indescribable wonder, to me, and to many of you out there too. 1,356 more words


Why atheists are also dualists (and therefore crypto-religious)

This is an extract from my forthcoming book “In Our Own Image” (Rider Books, 2015) that I edited out; and therefore free of copyright and happy to share with you. 1,743 more words

Mind And Machines

Doctor Strange: The Movie

When I found out MARVEL was making a Doctor Strange movie, I literally squealed. I know, I need to get my emotions under control, but Doctor Strange is my favorite MARVEL superhero, so, cut me some slack. 68 more words