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Bhyrindar Tellynnan

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At a Glance

Bhyrindar Tellynnan is a male moon elf werewolf fighter… 93 more words


That Old Black Magic II: An End to Sorcery

I’m not in the habit of writing about the same topic twice (special exception for the Princess Souk—Volume III in the near future, I’m sure), but then… 1,626 more words

Foreign Girl

Consumed components

@bjrollet @mikemearls Material components aren't consumed unless a spell, such as raise dead, says so.

Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) September 17, 2014


18 more words

One Sentence on a lot of Films

I do these posts every so often to keep up with films that I haven’t had a chance to blog extensively about. This one’s a laundry list. 650 more words

Althaea Ilphelkiir - Wood Elf Sorceress

Earlier this year, iserith started a terrific Pre-Generated Character Repository thread over at the D&D 5th Edition forums. I finally had an opportunity (and the spare time) to add a character as well…the lovely Althaea Ilphelkiir, Wood Elf Sorceress. 1,751 more words



Muni de ses inséparables blocs de commandes, lorsque Mr_Lie se connecte sur le Royaume en Carton, nous sommes sûrs de passer un bon moment… de rigolade. 63 more words


The Kangraffs' Curse: Chapter 11

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            There he was, back at last.  Of course, he would need a good scrubbing before he could be thoroughly recognizable as her son, but he was back, and that was what mattered. 768 more words