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Pen Pals

Pen pals we’ll always be
Writing our frustrations in the heavens
Until they atrophy
You threaten me with absence
Yet who are you?
You threaten me with words that will die… 31 more words


The Nethergrim, by Matthew Jobin

Summary:  An evil force has been awakened from years of sleep and it is up to fourteen-year-old Edmund, an aspiring sorcerer, and his friends to stop it.


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Issue by Issue - The Warlord #17

Morgan and Tara continuing on their quest to rescue their son from the clutches of Deimos, have entered the Citadel of the Sorcerer Kings.  Taking shelter and drink after being in the desert for so long, they come face to face with multiple horrors, but in the end, nothing will prevent them from continuing on their way to save their child.  125 more words


Better The Devil You Know...

This expression, often used metaphorically for resisting change, shows how reason can be used to justify just about anything. People invoke their knowledge of the Devil as a reason for not changing. 173 more words


Movie Poster of the Day: A Turkish take on William Friedkin's Sorcerer (1977)

A box office bomb at the time of its release, William Friedkin’s follow-up to The Exorcist is now considered one of the final masterpieces of the New Hollywood era of the 1970s. 17 more words

Posters And Cover Art

Elder Scrolls Online – Know how to choose the best class that suits you!

Elder Scrolls Online – Know how to choose the best class that suits you!

ESO is an MMO which is somewhat different than Wow and the kind of Guild Wars 2, but an incredibly polished game which comes with 4 specific types that can be selected. 304 more words


Top Blu-Ray Releases For the Week (4/20/14)

  • Get Carter (1971)
  • Sorcerer (1977)
  • Riot In Cell Block 11 (1954)
  • The Pawnbroker (1964)
  • Best of WWE Raw: After the Show (2014)
  • Master of the House (1925)
  • 34 more words