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[Mengokupasi] SORE HARI DI MALANG... by @MalangSubPop

Malang Sub Pop akhirnya berhasil membawa SORE untuk tampil di Malang. Setelah sempat tidak berhasil dengan konsep awalnya #WaniUrunan karena hasilnya tidak mencukupi, tapi mereka berani  136 more words


Day 2- Tuesday Workout

As Aimee would say #hardtositontoilet. Yesterdays Legs are SOOOOO SORE! So sore that I couldn’t even finish my Plyos after my lifting. I then had to drive 2.5 hours back to Duluth and got even more stiff. 193 more words


aku butuh langit yang sama sekali lagi

setidaknya ku foto lebih indah dari yang sekarang

setidaknya aku tidak sendiri…



Road rage eyes sore!

Holy cow! A long journey without cruise control or a eyes drop!

I stopped to pick up subway from Anthem and ate lunch at flagstaff then stopped by to see meteor crater after that drove out of Arizona and re fueled in New Mexico and crossed Albuquerque then attempted to sleep in trunk seem to be very discomforting so my 1 hour nap wasn’t good enough so I drove off and got in motel 6 to sleep. 230 more words


My Personal Trainer

Now that she’s been sick and nearly bedridden for two months, my girlfriend Alice is at about the same level of physical fitness as I am. 271 more words


Rest is Part of the Program

DOMS: T-rex arms and Crossfit

The first thing I thought of when I googled “can’t extend arm after crossfit” and read the term “DOMS” was “ is that some Dom Mazzetti skit again?” It turned out to be less entertaining than that, but it was nicknamed “t-rex arms” which sounded kind of funny. 363 more words

Workout of the day

•3 sets of 15 squats
•3 sets of 15 lunges
•3 sets of 20 donkey kicks
•3 sets of 15 dead lifts
-Repeat 3 times… 9 more words