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Sorority Sunday...Stop Girl Hate

Stop the hatin’. Hatin’ on yourself, your body, your friends. It sucks too much energy from you.

Stop competing with your friends. Instead, support and encourage them. 40 more words

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Friends in Town

So this past weekend my a couple of my best friends came to visit.We were able to catch up. It was so much fun. One of my best friends was sweet enough to give me a cute mug that she baked a message on, a gorgeous picture frame with the two of us, and two books to start our book club (shown below). 114 more words

Sorority Sunday...Our Weekend In Film

Shining: Heeeere’s Johnny!……Either the effects of the full moon are lingering around a little too long here in Chicago or we’re all nuts from the snow & cold and are starting to lose it. 298 more words

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I don’t think I’ve properly introduced Sorority Sister Wendy. I like to call her ‘Bendy Wendy’. And no, get your mind outta the gutter, it’s because she’s a long time yogi and a newly trained Yoga instructor. 252 more words

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Sorority Sunday...The Sisterhood

Saturday the Sisters had an entire day planned..photo shoot for the business, road trip, lunch and then back for a Saturday night on the town. We haven’t had an entire day together in some time so I was really looking forward to it. 229 more words

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Sweating for the Wedding

One thing on every bride’s mind leading up to the wedding is getting in shape! Of course I want to look like a knockout on the big day and have been making healthier choices and working out regularly. 235 more words


Sorority Sunday...Where Can You Save?

Update: So back to this whole money on track, outta debt, boring as shit budgeting plan we’re working on. The Sisters sat down to track expenses, find revenue sources and bitch about money woes this weekend. 372 more words

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