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9.26.14 - Sorority girls and poopy diapers

Cloth diapering.

It’s something that I started when my little Ava was born and I love it. Not only has it saved us some money, but I feel better about not throwing so many diapers away. 997 more words

Kappa Delta Epsilon Omega Spring 2014 Pledge Class Photo Shoot

Photos taken by Sarah Grindle in Fayette and Woodford Counties. For booking information in Central Kentucky, please contact at segr232@g.uky.edu. Instagram: @segr232

9.13.14 - Foggy morning

I haven’t wrote the last couple days because, as my followers have noticed by now, when I sink into a rut I just don’t write. I either don’t have anything good to say or can’t will myself to write. 840 more words

My Sorority Sisters

I hang out with the best group of ladies on Face book.

The are a very unique group, bringing something special to share, their own view on life and have taught me a thing or two. 367 more words

General Stuff

Wk1 - Classmate Interview - About Me


My name is Oscar Ivan Rocha and I am a 3rd year at California State University, Long Beach. I am currently pursuing a degree in Sociology and a minor in Marketing. 434 more words

Friends for life ...

Yesterday I got to spend time with some of my sorority sisters from college. One of us is moving away with her beautiful family to start a new life in a different state. 216 more words

Life's Little Lessons

The 9 Best Things My Sorority Taught Me

All corny quotes aside, being in a sorority could very well be the greatest years in a young girl’s life. For me, it wasn’t about wearing matching bows, it’s wasn’t about oversized frat tanks, and it certainly wasn’t about who had the biggest house. 1,336 more words