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"Either choose ME and have life, OR choose satan and lose your life."

In this letter JESUS talks about the lukewarm condition of
the church, the darkness coming over the earth and the
cruel master the enemy will be. 2,195 more words

i lost you somewhere in the fog

i lost you somewhere in the fog
tuesday, the day we shared cherry pie and coffee
i knew by the way you swallowed your words… 189 more words


Broken Vessels

I wanted to tie into my post from yesterday about my mommy journeys. I received a few personal messages on my Facebook page about how I touched their hearts or inspired them in some way or another. 1,018 more words


Let Go?

There’s a saying in Spanish that goes “One cannot have complete happiness.”  This rings true right about now.  I should be ecstatic, on Cloud 9 even, right now.   647 more words

Lessons From a Toddler

I’m finding that a lot more can be learnt from having a toddler around than I ever would have imagined. The latest thing my son seems to have latched onto is “I’m sorry”. 259 more words

Words To Live By


I have only experienced the contours of happiness, and I am talking about real happiness, one that makes you forget everything in the face of a thin nascent beauty before an infant mortality.It is rare, and essential for it brings a hint of vigour needed for preservation of life and such. 128 more words


Save me a seat?

When you get to the gates and the angels sing
Go to that place where the church bells ring
You know I’ll come runnin’ … runnin’ to find you… 30 more words