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I can’t abide,

But I’m not going to quit,

To you I’ve been like a war-bride,

Maybe, we make a seamless fit


Maybe, I’m scared to love, 294 more words


If Ever You Feel Sad.....

In life, we all come across different phases; fearful, joyful, and sometimes very sad moments….such moments when you feel what to do next? You at times feel that why am I here in this world? 278 more words

The Agony Around

I walk along this quiet road

eyes slowly wandering

and darkness shrinks back revealing

the secrets in its clinch.

I see the ghostly bubbles float… 152 more words


Leanness Into Their Soul

Psalm 106:15, “And he gave them their request, But sent leanness into their soul.” — American Standard Version

A lean soul is a deficient soul. The opposite kind of soul is sufficient. 395 more words


Pious Sorrow

Charles Hodge, a year after his wife died, wrote a letter to his brother, Hugh, when he lot a son to death. This is a portion of what he wrote to urge his brother on to pious sorrow, not the melancholy of bitterness and depression, 92 more words


He Wanted Me to be in His Fan Club

And I Just Couldn’t Do It.

We started off with a bang and became the best of friends.  Talked about everything down to the last silly details.   290 more words

Cast aside

That was the day I gave up believing  

Filled with indignation, I stood

hopelessly, helplessly lost

I watched tearfully

as verse after verse was read out, 108 more words