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Omnipotent Sorrow

Ruby zoned out as the panorama passed by her with amazing velocity. If she were a dogs she would have liked to put her tongue out the window but, she could not now. 478 more words


Broken Glass

And she broke his heart with the simplest of words

Not meant to to hurt nor meant to bruise

Just mean to speak and be listened to… 119 more words

Because of HIM

Share the message of Easter.

What touches your heart the most in this video?

I am a writer, and now I’ll be re-writing the last page of my life’s story. 118 more words


Final Farewell by Mez

Final Farewell

Voice of mine, has lost its sound
Heart of mine has gained another pain
another day, another ache
All I want is for  you to look at me…
115 more words


A Time For Light

“When tragedy strikes, our first human response is to react in anger and with rage in our hearts, to attempt to end such dark behavior by throwing more darkness at the problem. 463 more words

Poetry And Quotes

Grief: the strangest bedfellow

“Didn’t I say I’d always be your same stars? If you get to missing me, just look up”

Grief is one of the most universal of narratives, one that we all face. 470 more words



“And then it occurred to. Maybe it wasn’t meeting you that holds some magical significance in my life. But that my whole life, up until now… all the pain or loss that I have suffered to date… it was to prepare me for losing you.”

16 April 2014, 11:50pm