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Short sharp sorrow

Trying to get the sadness out. A haiku, a short poem, and a tanka.

Grief pangs twist the heart
Wring tears from vague sentiment
A sea to drown in. 70 more words


Sorrow is the seventh wave...

Life without Mr T consists of waves. They begin in a small way. The sorrows I mean. They trickle in and then fall away again with the minutae of life. 541 more words



In keeping with tradition my birthday week has, once again, been of paramount shitiness. That’s right. Mega-Suck-Fest 5000. Work has been insanely busy. And awful. So busy that I get to work on my birthday. 386 more words


Standing Empty

“Verily you are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy. Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.” ~ Khalil Gibran… 203 more words


People like us… we suffer in silence, because sharing with people you know means burdening them with knowledge they might not even grasp fully. What they will grasp is the fact that something is troubling you, and that will make them worried. 41 more words

Hope and Sorrow

I have one word for you today – Don’t discount the dream God has given you just because it takes a turn you didn’t expect. ¬†Even bends in the road go somewhere.

Spiritual Growth

The World Mourns - In Memory of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Flares blaze in the sunlight
Marking the field below
Strewn with shattered pieces
Of innocence

The battle continues
For the right to make claim
To a land that does not belong… 70 more words