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Mom, I'm dying my hair blue

There are few times in my life where I’ve deliberately asked for my parents approval to do something, whether it be dying my hair, getting a tattoo, or going across the country for school.   375 more words

THE Inconvenient Truth (not that Al Gore documentary)

This is a totally random, spontaneous post but I just had an epiphany that’s too profound to be relegated to a Facebook status.

I’ve been complaining about how inconvenient everything is in England. 307 more words

How to Look Like a Seven-Year-Old

I went to tour my daughter’s future school today, and I had this irrational fear that everyone thought the couple touring with me were my parents. 579 more words


The definition of Terror

 **This actually happened when my mom visited me a few weeks ago but my busted computer ate all three times I drew it so here it is FINALLY!**

OMG! No! Kill It With Fire!!