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‘See No Evil 2’ Review

Why am I watching and reviewing this straight-to-DVD horror sequel, to a critically panned 2006 original that I haven’t even seen no less? The answer is simple: it’s directed by the Soska sisters, who gave us what I felt to be the best horror movie of last year; … 509 more words


The ABCs of Death 2 [2014]

It may be easier for anthology sequels to be better than follow-ups of a more regular kind. It’s more possible to totally ditch anything (and anyone) that wasn’t working out, and there’s less baggage of trying to do something with a story that may well have reached its natural end in the previous film. 393 more words


American Mary - Review

American Mary is a 2012 Canadian slasher flick from identical twin directors Jen & Sylvia Soska, who you may recognise as the directing team behind the bluntly titled “ 1,283 more words

Just Another Mediocre Slasher, 'See No Evil 2' Doesn't Do Much for the Soska Sisters (Review)

Directed by: The Soska Sisters

Cast: Danielle Harris, Katherine Isabelle, Glenn Jacobs, Kaj-Erik Eriksen

I had high hopes for the Soska Sisters’ new trek into terror, … 613 more words


Content Warning: the film I am discussing has a rape-revenge underpinning. Please note I will briefly outline the plot and reaction.

In 2012, filmmaking twin sisters… 601 more words

ABC’s of Death 2 (2014) Review

The 2012 film, ABC’s of Death, was a pretty intriguing concept. 26 directors each making a short film that showed, from A to Z, various ways of kicking the bucket, things related to, in some fashion, death. 854 more words