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SOTD: Torres - New Skin

In my opinion Torres is one of the rawest songwriters around right now. Following 2013′s stunning self-titled LP, she has produced New Skin, a collaboration which features a dream team featuring… 97 more words

SOTD: Caitlyn Scarlett - Bad Love

This song gets it so right in so many ways. This kaleidoscope of genres from UK based songstress Caitlyn Scarlett make for an tantalising debut. Classic, smooth jazz feeds effortlessly into a dubstep-inspired bassline which allows Scarlett to shine as a nothing but perfect vocal powerhouse, as the beat keeps you completely locked in.  35 more words

SoTD: The Shins "For a Fool"

I dropped some birthday cash on picking up a cheapo pawn shop Squier Stratocaster so I could get back into playing Rocksmith.  I also found a deal on the 2014 version of Rocksmith that only ended up costing me $10.   94 more words


I’ve been listening to a lot of Gwenny Gwen Gwen today and it’s all because of this song.

Every time I have a Government class and the students are getting loud before, my professor likes to start class by playing this nostalgic tune to hush the students down. 131 more words

Usually when artists sample songs I’m left unhappy thinking they just ruined something beautiful and shouldn’t have touched it in the first place. But when I find a song that does it right, then I will share that song with everyone so that they see how amazing it sounds! 105 more words

For obvious reasons, my song of the day goes out to Arcade Fire. I’m still thinking about their Coachella performance and how crazy/fantastic it was. I wish I could have been there holding up a poster or blown up animal and just running around having the time of my life. 148 more words