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'This Side of Paradise'

Sotheby’s newish gallery for showing contemporary art, S/2, rather than being in their main building, is discreetly across from their rear door on St. George Street; still Mayfair, but less obviously so – especially now that Hanover Square, at the head of the street, has been turned into a giant Crossrail excavation site. 516 more words


It's Art

Last Month, my boyfriend and I got into a fight about the 2005 Hermes Kelly 28 that was up for auction at Sotheby’s. He freaked out and told me spending more than $10,000 on a handbag was irrational. 157 more words

Драгоценные лоты Дэвида Беннетта

Успех, богатство и привилегии имеют множество способов проявления, среди которых приобретение драгоценных камней и украшений занимает одну из главных позиций. Собрав под одной обложкой величайшие и знаменитые лоты, когда-либо появлявшиеся на аукционе Sotheby’s, ювелирный критик Дэвид Беннетт и его коллега Даниэла Машетти выпустили книгу «О ювелирном искусстве», посвященную самым запоминающимся шедеврам, чей провенанс впечатляет не меньше итоговой цены.

Impressive Price at Auction for Portrait by Greuze

This portrait of a man by Jean-Baptiste Greuze fetched 620,000 Euro at auction this week – what an incredible price for a work by this French romantic painter of the 18th century. 235 more words


Rebuilding Koh Ker: A 3D Reconstruction Restores Context to a Looted Khmer Temple

Cambodia is quietly negotiating the return of several important 10th century sculptures that were looted from the temple complex of Koh Ker in the 1970s. 1,263 more words


Rashid Alakbarov's wondrous installation

Azerbaijani artist Rachid Alakbarov made this installation for the 2013 Venice Biennale.  It was made in an edition of three, one of them came up for auction at a Sotheby’s recently. 27 more words