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Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Another great recipe to add to your cookie arsenal. These are a simple chocolate chip cookie with plenty of extra chocolatey bits. I like that they’re full of cocoa powder and have a bitter chocolatiness to them as well as a sugar hit.  281 more words


Surprised Love

I have only been thrown two surprise birthday parties and one surprise party in my life.  The first was when I turned 20, the second was on my 25th birthday, and the third was when I won the title of corresponding secretary for Student Senate in college.   784 more words

The Dormant Truth that Eliminates Every Insecurity

We all have insecurities, and they tend to rule our thoughts and behaviors, which often lead us to miserable situations. However, there is a much deeper truth found in the Bible that completely eliminates the lie behind every insecurity.


sought jokes

didn’t need tv to entertain me

didn’t need a stand up comedian

to say i was tripping

and feeling all hyped about digging

a past era… 57 more words



Ribbon of sunbeam-

That was how you stream!

Organdy’s feel,

a glow you are, still!

goblets of silver,

Shine in your eyes to deliver!

Laughter, strength, your smell, 91 more words


No Highlighter?

Marking Progress
Marking Time
Marking Failure
Marking Rhyme
Marking Me
Marking You
Marking What
Marking Who
Marking Words
Marking Thought
Marking Feelings
It’s just marking all our soughts