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Is it really necessary?

I’ve had quite a bit of time to myself lately, and it really has got me thinking about this exchange experience. Not really mine in particular, but more of everyone’s. 986 more words


Week 1

I’ve officially studied in University of Calgary for 1 week. Well, so far nothing much has really happened in class. It’s the same, we just go through the course outline and the profs set expectations for the class. 890 more words


And so it Begins

My mom, Aunty Maryann and I arrived in Calgary on 29th December. We were extremely prepared for the cold, lugging around 2 huge down jackets. Before getting out of the airport, we put our jackets on, and got into a cab immediately, only to realise how insanely warm it was in the cab. 1,159 more words


In Loving Memory

I was supposed to do a post about what I’m going to be bringing on my trip but that post has to be delayed. Other than (hopefully) giving advice or even ideas to people, this blog was set up to pen down my thoughts and remember the things that have happened so that I can see how much I’ve grown. 516 more words

Soul Bird