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the next step is the hard one

“So what do I do next?”

When I hear that question, it’s probably coming from my youngest and she was probably asked to clean her room three hours ago. 577 more words


Soul Care

Dear Pope Francis,

My school year is over, and it’s been crazy one. There’s been a lot of new book knowledge an even more new personal insights. 430 more words


Are You Withering on the Vine?

“Are you suffering from spiritual depletion?” Rob des Cotes asked participants at the Soul Care retreat we hosted at our church. To help us answer that question, Rob led us though this diagnostic list. 442 more words



How do I get more done?

Answer: Work fewer hours.

Before you let out a guttural scream, peek at the article below. I think you’ll enjoy… 265 more words


one question to ask fear

Some days I wake up in peacefulness, just totally OK with myself and the fact that I have a day — a whole day! — ahead of me that I get to go live however I want. 1,141 more words


The Weeping Patriarch

The inspiration for this study largely came about from a preoccupation with the character of Joseph when I was a broken teenager. During one of the darker nights of my soul, I found that I felt great jealousy for the faith of Joseph, who seemed to cling to God with an iron fist, in wells, dungeons and throne rooms. 3,868 more words

Moody Bible Institute

Aligning to our True Direction

When we can truly acknowledge where we are at this present time we can begin the process of aligning ourselves to be where we want to be and who we want to be. 504 more words