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Two Hearts

Two hearts,
In Tandem.

Two lovers,
Breath Dancing
On eyelashes
That flutter with breeze.

Two souls,
With interlaced fingers
And syncopated rising… 11 more words


An App for Relationships - Really?

I think we have a new entry for ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ – the launch of a new app called ‘Invisible Boyfriend (or Girlfriend).’ Seriously folks, I’m not making this up! 502 more words


The Key To A Happy Marriage According To A Six Year Old Boy

My six year old son often surprises me. Sometime he says things that make him sound so very smart. Other times (excuse me as I channel Paul Reiser), not so much… 703 more words

Family Relationships

Card For Today

I thought today’s card was relevant to the seeking of our soul mate or our Twin Flame so I am posting it here as well as on my Spirit Card Readings blog. 291 more words

10 Top Dating Facts: What A Bunch Of Bull&^%$!

Here we go again. Another one of those inane articles (this time from Healthaim.com) created from meatsauce powder that was originally packaged 50 years ago, pulled out of mothballs on Sunday, mixed with 21st century technological water, and molded into a dating meatloaf that smells as old as it is. 1,178 more words

Deep Love

Similarities between Carrie Bradshaw and I

In case you don’t know, Carrie Bradshaw (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) is a fictional character in HBO’s series, Sex and the City. I have no shame in admitting, that I do have a soft spot for the fashionista/columnist and her posse. 282 more words


relationship realities

When it comes to relationships, I’m a realist. Granted, I love a good fairy tale and sweet chick flick like (pretty much) every other gal— 556 more words