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What Pain Teaches Us

For some, pain is something that presents itself every once in awhile. For others, pain makes its presence known on a daily basis. Whether it is emotional or physical pain, pain takes a toll on its victims. 613 more words


The Best of Me

I went and saw The Best of Me last night. I loved the book, and being a book fanatic i of course couldn’t help but notice the differences between the two. 436 more words

Soul mates

This is the start of a piece i am writing Soul Mates v Twin Flames.

There is a lot of confusion about what is a soul mate versus a twin flame. 644 more words


Once Upon a Time . . . OctPoWriMo

Once upon a time, she knew a boy

He was sweet, kind, and loving

And a little goofy, oh hell

They were young, and passionate… 170 more words


Day 6: All Time Low

Wow it’s been almost a full month since I’ve written. In my defense I did tell y’all everything I’ve been taking on this semester and finding time and inspiration to write has been difficult. 316 more words


Day 36 of 90: Soul mates(?)

Soul mates: Two people who were literally made for each other. They are two halves of a whole. They compliment each other and augment each other’s weaknesses. 210 more words

90 Days


I don’t want you to die for me.

Don’t use your love for me as an excuse to leave this life. Don’t die because the world does not see your kind of love. 58 more words