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Love, romance, soul mates and the slew of worries that comes with any relationship seem to be making the headlines lately.

Any lists that could possibly help are posted daily on Facebook, and I think it’s safe to say that if you think you have the answers, you try to share it with people. 772 more words

Butterfly Journal 11th Month: Love (Entry #2)

In the last journal entry on Love, I discussed what love truly is: the highest vibrational act of unconditional selflessness, compassion, and responsibility. This quote by Hafiz, a Persian poet, sums up what love is perfectly: 261 more words


What is love if not happiness?

I was told that happiness is not what we feel on the inside, but rather what others can see from the outside. The more I hear this the more I feel it to be true. 601 more words


Ghost Lover

Chill softness on my face,
the touch of a ghost lover
who comes and leaves
all of a morning,
a mourning.

She throws her veil… 101 more words


Voices in time

In ancient Greek, there was a postulate in Plato’s symposium suggesting that a long, long time ago, there were actually 3 types of human beings which were the male, female, and the anhydrous. 240 more words


Soul Mates: Facts About Relationships You Didn’t Know

“About seventy percent of the time, a bride will likely marry the (astrological) sign of one of her parents. Astrologers feel we unconsciously look to the sign of our mother or father in choosing our mates because we feel comfortable and familiar with that sign.” (Susan Miller, Astrologer) 909 more words


Souls Part II

Your soul, the twin of my soul:
Two chambers in our bodies,
Filled with nothing but identical poetries and convictions. 

Much bigger than our bones are we— 18 more words