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The beauty of a rosebud
Waits to bloom
The art of patience I do not know
A freshly planted seed
I wait so patiently to see it sprout… 89 more words


Wrap it up

We’re going a little eastern today because I felt like Dead Dollz‘s new lingerie would make a perfect base for it! This lingerie was featured in the latest issue of Ferosh (which I was also a part of by the way!) and guess what? 117 more words

Second Life

On love and soul mates

Recently, I was asked to preach part of a sermon series on love and relationships.  As I prepared, I thought of the romantic cultural ideal of finding and marrying one’s “soul mate.”  The idea was particularly popular back in the 90s.  504 more words

Personal Reflection

Soul Mates

I was reading a post by kelzbelzphotography, and swaggerless had commented on the post with a link to the author Elizabeth Gilbert explaining what most people get wrong about the term “soul mates”. 609 more words


LOVE- Express it!

Talking about love brings me so much joy and peace, because when you look around you, that is all the world is all about. After creating Adam, God saw the importance of Adam having Eve by his side, so that  Adam was not alone. 556 more words


What Pain Teaches Us

For some, pain is something that presents itself every once in awhile. For others, pain makes its presence known on a daily basis. Whether it is emotional or physical pain, pain takes a toll on its victims. 613 more words