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50 Words Only - Two Hearts

Windswept beach

Glance exchanged

Brief introductions

Hearts forever connected

Photograph taken

One slow dance

Hesitant conversation

Long letters exchanged

Promises made

A joyous reunion

Perfect vista shared… 49 more words


Pure Happiness

There is nothing better than spending time with someone who knows your soul.

I Want to Live in Paris

I suppose it’s inevitable to be somewhat introspective when there’s an impending birthday once you reach “a certain age”.  I recently read What You Learn in Your 40′s… 732 more words


Faith Restored in Destiny

There comes a point in your Life,
when you can look into someone’s eyes
and you know that everything is how it should be.
That this one person, 210 more words


Life on earth as a painting

I think we came from a place where the only colour was pure, white love
To a world that is a paint palette of different shades of fear. 64 more words

A Conversation

A 13 hour phone conversation doesn’t make you soul mates. I’m serious. I used to believe, a few years ago, that long conversations meant I had an unbreakable bond with the guy I was talking to. 149 more words


Haibun Thinking ~ A Soul Is More Than A Soul

Haibun Thinking is a weekly challenge that gives a choice of using one of two prompts to create a Haibun.

Haibun is a Japanese literary form that combines one or more paragraphs of your written narrative (prose) with a concentrated (short) poem – the haiku. 

372 more words