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The Nature Of Individuality

You are love and light.
You were born out of a matrix of eternal love.

From this infinite matrix of divine love,
From this field of pulsating glowing and unified light, 505 more words

Soul Talk

Brainline Students

I like to show my appreciation for the people in my life whom I admire, and especially my students who are definitely no exception!

They may have health issues, or a stressful school life, social life, or family life.   340 more words

Soul Talk

Gift yourself YOUR freedom

The gift of our personal freedom is our greatest blessing…

Often, it is hard for us to release ourselves from our thoughts that bond
us to any moment that has passed. 309 more words


Clearing space for LOVE

Purposeful intentions
Thinking of all the ways
Love can appear differently
so many endless perceptions
Thinking of all the ways
Love can pull your attention… 207 more words


Be GOOD to yourself

Sometimes we forget how much more difficult we make our situations when we unknowingly ADD negativity to our experience.
We do this by, allowing fear to form and absorbing it’s energy of a downfall. 694 more words


YOU are so loved

From the instant of your creation
life celebrates YOU
from the moment you experience awareness
LOVE becomes YOU
from the day to day living
support and protection follow YOU… 361 more words


WHAT are you thinking?

YOU are capable of much more than you think.
IN-side of you, your being contains all the knowing of the world.
IN-side of you, layers of all that ever has been, is alive and expanding. 861 more words