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Morning talks

The morning comes around and we quickly jump into the new day. But… have you taken the time to intentionally set your goals of happiness, so that you can start with that everyday??? 379 more words


开斋节快乐 - Happy Eid al-Fitr

Ay, you Malay ah? Such are the questions I always get

even from the Malays who sometime forgets

That Islam is for every race, nationality, and creed… 352 more words

Soul Talk

Angels, the messengers of LOVE

The Angels are here
Felt through the loss of your Fears
The Angels protect
at any given moment
your life they have met
The Angels are souls so pure… 227 more words


Every day is a blessing


Everyday there is are endless reminders

As you awake giving your life another take

don’t waste time when this you ponder… 109 more words


Be kind to all those you meet

We are here to be more that our eyes can see

INside  all of us

we are connected universally

Together, to make it past our dark times… 95 more words


so many reasons to be Happy

I am blessed
I do not stress
I am enjoying life
time well spent
there is not one thing missing
ALL is so beautiful
my desires are met… 154 more words