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Tree Huggers

Prompt used:  You people scare me

(Approx. 1290 words)

“Come on Thomas, you got to try at least once before they cut her down!”  Jessica said coming up from behind her friend and putting her arm in his, “The old Lady is the only tree left in the park you can commune with.”

Short Stories

New Worlds

What a day. Okay so the sex last night was great. Ben says we can do a repeat soon. I’m stoked. I got home and cleaned myself up and obviously wrote about my experience. 497 more words

Soul Travel


No soul traveling again. It was such a regular thing before that I could set a watch by it. Why has it stopped or paused? 215 more words

Soul Travel

The D

I can’t stop thinking about the sexy co-worker. All day long I’m distracted by him. I can hardly function because I’m beyond horny for him. I’d become his sex slave if he’d let me. 416 more words

Soul Travel

Where To Go?

As I stood there in the air over my bed, I had the feeling that I could go anywhere in the universe that I wanted to go. 66 more words