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ECKANKAR emphasizes dreams and asks you to keep a dream journal. Much of the teaching that the chela, or investigator, receives is from the dream state. 28 more words

My Conversion Story

Soul Travel

I read The Spiritual Notebook in a couple of days because I could not set it down.  As soon as I finished it, I read it again.  118 more words

My Conversion Story

Remote View (RV) 4/3/14

As I’m sitting in my closet I remember a remote view I experienced yesterday Thursday 4/3/14 approximately, 4pm est. while lying down to take a nap. 593 more words


I’ve been pranked by my own mind!  The traitor!

See, yesterday morning when I was sleeping off the time before my shift began when I heard another car drive up and voices, door slamming and such, so I came partially up from the depths of sleep and opened my eyes to look around.  1,119 more words

What are O.B.E? (Out of Body Experience)

An Out of Body Experience ( O.B.E) OR (O.O.B.E) is an experience that typically involves a felling of a person of floating outside one’s physical  body and, in some cases, allowing your consciousness to travel in on of your 7 bodies… 208 more words