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Embrace Your Creative Side

Are you a creative person?

I am the happiest when I am wearing my creative hat. The restrictions of society are flung off and I am free to be myself. 102 more words


Treasures In The Dark: A Shipful Of Monsters

There is ‘being on one’s own’ and there is ‘being alone’ and they are as different as Earl grey and Assam I’m afraid.

Time on one’s own can be healing, restorative – a true blessing and a genuine need. 1,514 more words


Fame, you can keep it. The name, you can rewrite it. If I can reshape a world that goes in circles to do a 180, I will die for my creation. 129 more words


Feature #4: Acupuncture and Liver Detox Tip

Feature #4: Acupuncture and Liver Detox Tip

As we continue down this path of life, we grow and find new means of enhancing our quality of being.   83 more words

Guided By Spirit

Sometimes we need help
To see the genius inside of us

I picked up a selfish habit
Reading books to see
What people defined
Things I already did, rather… 68 more words

If You Don't Know Me By Now

You will never, never, never know me

Side One

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Side Two

Move On Out

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Music Video Cameo in Stella's Amazing Clip.

In other news check out this amazing video by Stella Angelico. I make a small appearance through out. Directed by the incredible Peter Savieri.

Australian Music