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Kitchen Overhaul - 10 Must Have's

Designing a kitchen is much harder and complicated than I thought. The small little place packs up to 12 electrical points, 10 lighting points and eight kitchen appliances using more than 2000 watts of electricity if they are all powered at the same time. 713 more words



Free me from my chains.
Let me go, and fly away.
A meager soul, even smaller heart.
The remains of being torn apart.

Challenge me, force me to rise beyond. 144 more words


Quote of The Day

“Let your soul be your guide and let your heart be your feet.”
By Reiki Master Sepi (c) 2014


Reflections on Growing Older

Tranquility pervades my life in this moment and settles upon me as I am growing older. Someone once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”  I find myself accepting and embracing the solitude around me in a more intimate manner; I am now entirely at peace in my little house in the woods.  618 more words

Detailed Instructions

In moments of surrender I find myself wondering what God has in store for me. The trouble usually is that I am not patient enough to sit and wait for all the instructions to come through. 318 more words


True Love?

Everyone yearns for a long-lasting relationship. A relationship where you can fight like kindergarten classmates over a candy, talk and tease like buddies, care and love like family, be like Batman and Robin, or even act as partner-in-crime like Mr. 627 more words