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Fairy Tale

She was just a lonely soul
She cried every night
She had a great fall
She believed in fairies
But they never came true
Despite all this… 260 more words

Of the Mother...

The intuitive path has recently insisted I pay attention to all things mother. And the first association I make, beyond the obvious maternal meaning, is goddess, earth mother. 368 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

The House/Body of the Soul

When you look at a house on the outside, do you really know what resides with-in? If the appearance is a mansion on the outside….does that mean you would find ornate furnishings and lavish fixtures? 157 more words

Way of Life

“To you it may be a dance with sticks, but to us it is a way of life!”

Soul Mate Halloween Meditation

So in this meditation, visualisation is needed and whichever Archangel you resonate with for protection. First call on your chosen Archangel for protection. Now close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus on your throat chakra which is blue and is in the centre of your throat. 170 more words

Stuff You Might Find Helpful

october 25th, free flow meditation...in need of a miracle...

here i am.  at a cafe!  did things different this morning.  i am very antsy.  could not sleep past seven hours, and then popped out of bed and started making oil blends, before toast and coffee, and then in the shower right away, and out the door.   1,807 more words