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Ego Vs Mastery: Understanding Why You Struggle With Achieving Your Goals

I understand a lot of people are frustrated with goal setting.

It seem now to be the stock in trade of motivational speakers trying to sell people on something that appeals to their vanity but not practical in reality. 1,126 more words

Personal Development

Who Do You Think You'll Meet In Heaven?

While attending the mass, once I heard the priest asked, “Who among you wants to go to heaven?” Every one raised their hands, including me. Heaven always sounded good. 479 more words


A New "Mind-Manifesting" Narrative

We cannot know truth, only the stories we create about truth.”  (Melh-Madrona, p. 129).

How does the Western’s cultural story depict the use of psychedelic substances and holotropic states of consciousness?  1,079 more words


Connection to More

I have come to realize my connection to a higher source or power has been present throughout my life, though certainly I never had a specific term, only something greater within that I trusted guidance from. 273 more words


Holiday, friends and boredome

Weekend + public holiday on Mon & Tues = Long holiday.
Yes, its a long holiday and I spent the most of the time sleeping or on the internet. 102 more words

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1) Tomorrow’s Tuesday morning 20 min call:
We will be hearing about our Spanish speaking communities.
~ Why they love this opportunity
~ Our Spanish tools that are available… 62 more words

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