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The Spring

There’s a spring in you
There’s a spring in me

There’s a spring in all of us
Listen to the evening song

It never will run dry… 162 more words


You Gotta Have Faith

You know Lemonaiders I sprout on about doing what you love, being passionate in all that you do, and to find your true path. I absolutely believe it but every now and then you need to stop and question what you are doing. 823 more words

One In A Million?

   One in a million, or, the same of a different shade?


thousand word thursday!


the walls vibrate, they hum. they sing their own hymn. when your fingers brush against them as you walk around this tiny room, the music runs up your fingers and into your bones; into your ears. 284 more words

free write // soul-searching

am i lost in a land of insanity?
one that shows no mercy -
sceptical of ones ability,
yet somehow holds a sort of familiarity: 93 more words


Continuously burned, alternative burned

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

There is a rule
And since then I’m always looking for it – behold the life…
Between-step is embers smoldering, 199 more words


Living Without You

The golden era for UK soul is here, the scene is pumping out some talented artists. One of the most promising artists is Sasha Keable, the talented nineteen year old songstress is set to drop her new EP Lemon Grass & Lime Leaves on May 12, 2014. 71 more words