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quote du jour ~fulghum

“Soul” is found in the quality of what I am doing. If my activities have a sense of truth and integrity, if they are deep in meaning, then they are rich in soul, and so am I. 39 more words


What is Embodiment # 12: Complaints to Heaven

The soul is pure function. It does not know pity (self- or otherwise). It only knows how to get things done.

The ego doesn’t have a vote. 25 more words

A Clean Soul

What does a clean soul look like?
Does it accompany an understanding heart, a happy thought, a good wish, and a loving spirit? Can you clean it when the world splashes mud all over it? 36 more words


Grassy Patch

My soul loves to write.
If you were to meet me, I don’t come off as a writer. I’m not serious, although I’m rather free-spirited. Everyone has always told me that there’s a side of my soul that is old and wise. 450 more words

Farewell Ramadhan ...

When you go within to communicate with your soul
And pray, you are rising to meet in the ethers those
Who – like you – are praying at that very moment… 17 more words


Stories On Your Shelf

They sit and wait
So quietly
For a passerby
To stop

Stories rich and wondrous
Certainly the pick of the crop

Each of them
Are patient… 114 more words


Life is not a Race

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in your day to achieve everything? Do you frequently feel fatigued, suffer from colds on a regular basis? 409 more words