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Parenting: Simplified (Sort Of…)

For all of you who have children in your lives  (i.e. whether your own, step-kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews, in your work life, etc.), this may be worth taking a peek at. 116 more words


Swiff D Drops New Instrumental Project: 'Washington Park'

I want to take a quick moment just to acknowledge Swiff D and the immense amount of hard work and creativity he puts into every song. 104 more words

New Music

unending desires...

limitless whispers i hear
there seems to be
unending desires
in the corner of my eyes

waiting for me

to take notice
ponder, crave
and delve in… 128 more words



The sea it called to me today. Beneath somber sky, layers of grey, my blue eyes muted, I watched. The waves rolled in, empty horizon filled with sorrow as I gazed waiting for ship that will not come. 125 more words


P_Beatz - Payday

Another Sunday and another great beat find from a French producer. This time we have a dope instrumental from P Beatz.


Music and the fickle

Lotta folks know me as an artist too..I been ACTIVELY involved in hiphop 19 years. I was introduced informally by a babysitter to Tribe Called Quest first single “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo” then I was formally introduced by my sister, via Heavy D (R.I.P.) LL Cool J, X-Clan…I fell in love with lyrics….then I was Ultra West Coast (Snoop and Dre HEAVY)…then 94…I was introduced to Common Sense’s I Used to Love H.E.R. 209 more words

Pause a Moment

Pause a Moment

There is no special time for prayer
One can pray most anywhere
When things aren’t quite going your way
Pause a moment just to pray… 107 more words

Random Thoughts