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I had a dream about my gran last night. We were on a camping trip and she had gone missing. After much searching, she was eventually spotted through the trees; happily pacing through the forest, walking stick in hand. 393 more words


Intricacy Entwined

Have you ever heard of familial souls; souls that travel together in close proximity, sort of following each other, in every life and death?
You know, entertainment and entertainers, especially the “early” ones, of this “modern” Era of entertainment, intrigue me because they are the average made an icon, a symbol, some untouchable power. 127 more words

places of forever - December 17


golden days and

nights upon

which we slipped

and slept and



to shores beyond

which we never

dreamed we’d


places of forever… 17 more words


At night

If between gravestones we found warriors
of the forsaken past, the wounded drifters
whose words never surfaced from the depths
of the mindlessness concealed, then perhaps… 90 more words



The nights were as long as the days were short
In the reign of that year, as happiness we sort.
When our sun was car headlights that blinded the pain… 227 more words


I write for those whose souls have been starved.


Persian/ Zoroastrian conceptions regarding the human “soul"

Author’s Apology

The Ancient Persian religion and Zoroastrianism is one of those fields of study that I feel is really impacted by how uninteresting our culture finds it and how it has been unsystematically presented. 2,215 more words