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“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ―Marcel Proust



Wanted: Lost soul

Went missing twelve years ago.  Last seen at Alfonzo’s, a small Italian restaurant on the south side of Detroit.  A man there named Ronaldo with the most amazing blue eyes memorized me and convinced me that he was the one.  403 more words


Cold winter, warm souls

I swear that nothing ever made me feel more alive than the cold pleasant winter. How tender, but how evil… Long walks at night, when time had no definition, got me to the point where I just wanted to freeze for a second, to feel the entire universe through me… Hand by hand, we walked until our faces froze with our smiles, until our body became so cold and steady, that we could no longer feel the blood running through our veins, but only hear our frightened heartbeats…  210 more words


victory claimed

death at once did hold.

keys the souls kept.


for but the dying.

did summon those released.

his word commands.

victory the grave relinquished. 13 more words

The Ignorant Heart

” Vodka, neat please.” Sheril instructed the bartender. She needed something to calm her down. The fingers were tapping the bar and her teeth seethed as per the loathed habit developed over the years. 949 more words



‘f you gaze at the stars’ cosmic patterns

‘f you hear the crash of the waves from the other side of the sea

‘f you sing a melody into the air tonight, will you hear the sound of my voice… 6 more words