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finding the soul

Young and old, they stop and stare. There they are. They stand in front of me. Are they real? The young smile. I can’t help but stop. 72 more words



As the slaves of the world awaken

each to his own morning

the Master sees them as twinkles like stars

that light up along the face of the Earth. 271 more words


The Joy of Being Different

Each of us has a different sense of reality. Our reality is shaped by how we interprete things. And that is the result of our conditioning (education, culture, parents, experiences, etc) 199 more words


Why America Needs Refugees

Yesterday, I went back to visit my former apartments. The beauty and chaos of the 3-tiered brick-on-concrete low-income-housing buildings located right off the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Route 225. 1,843 more words

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A few months ago, I was moved by a young girl skipping rope in a refugee apartment complex in Denver. While she and her family may be struggling daily in ways that I can't understand because of my unsolicited abundant life, they have changed the life of my friend Molly. Not only her life, but those of the people around her, like me. I'm still blinking in disbelief because I so often choose to close my eyes and the light is only going to keep streaming in. enjoy this reblog:

The Fermi Paradox.

Hi. My name is Graziella.

Even though my life is nothing special, it is actually quite boring, I thought I’d write about my thoughts. My thoughts are quite beyond what a typical teenager would think, in my mind. 637 more words


One Man, One Woman

One man, one woman

One love

One passion

One dream

One man, one woman

United in love

Held together by shared dreams

And eternal fire… 125 more words