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#Soulties! How Do You Get Over Your Ex?

The easiest way I can describe #SoulTies is “a psychological, emotional or even spiritual bond with someone (or something)”.

A bond so deep, that whoever you are tied to becomes a part of your life for good or many atimes, bad; even when you are separated from him or her. 506 more words


Before we tie souls ... HOLD ONūüė≥

Time and time again you will see me say on here I purposely do not edit any of these posts. I want my writing to be raw & real & in the event someone comes and rearrange my words then that’s not really how I’m feeling is it? 327 more words

Tips for men on how to avoid failed proposals

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On this clip, I offer general tips to men on how to avoid making marriage proposals that women will reject. 30 more words