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Lecture: Soundscapes

The lecture this week looked at various contemporary artist, and the relationship between screen/image and sound and the perception of sound in relation to society, or an individual’s historical and cultural background. 344 more words


Tutorial: Audacity

Today’s tutorial covered the basics of the program audacity; we were introduced to a range of editing effects, keyboard shortcuts, as well as being briefed on various ways to edit sound within the program.  93 more words


Hogarth Productions Internship - Whitley Arts Festival - Sound Workshops

As part of Reading University’s Internship Scheme I have undertaken an Arts based internship with the organisers of Whitley Arts Festival , Hogarth Productions. I had volunteered with Anna and Edmund Harcourt last year in October (see link to earlier post… 536 more words

Sound Mirrors Echo Obsolete Military Technology as Art Installation

Image: Signal

Before the invention of radar, the British military experimented with acoustic mirrors as a means of detecting approaching enemy aircrafts. Rather than displaying blips on a screen, these strategically placed parabolic monoliths simply reflected ambient noise from their concave surfaces, making it easier to discern far-off sounds, like the drone of an airplane’s engine. 335 more words


Michel Chion’s “Guide to Sound Objects: Pierre Schaeffer and Musical Research” (PDF)

“Our ambition, with this Guide to Sound Objects, has always been to give researchers, musicians, music-lovers and all who are directly or indirectly interested in the sound-universe an unbiased, clear and dependable tool (if this can be done) for a better knowledge and understanding of Pierre Schaeffer’s considerable contribution to this field, by means of an inventory of the ideas and concepts developed in his most important work, the Traité des Objets Musicaux.” 6 more words


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