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Synth Britannia: the birth of synth pop

Back in 1979 I bought my first synth: a monophonic Korg MS-20 which I still own. The cause of it were a British post-punk band from Sheffield: Cabaret Voltaire, which I saw at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven in the same year. 102 more words


BEYOND don't stare into bitmaps

BEYOND don’t stare into bitmaps is a visual and sonic installation, in tribute to Neal Stevenson’sĀ  Snow Crash hero, Hiro Protagonist, “Last of the freelance hackersĀ  and Greatest swordfighter in the world.”. 130 more words

Synthesis Vol. 1 Urban Arts Berlin


We are part of this must have compilation curated by Urban Arts Berlin with the title IRE

Synthesis Vol. 1

A compilation of sound works by women from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Europe and the US working professionally in the sonic field. 115 more words

How can we build collectives through sound?

Building a collective is about listening to the other, about trying to understand the other’s world, and try to find a ground for building a new common world. 780 more words

Sound Art

U21 darius ciuta "ld2i-(3)" : barely there, though titillating our senses and more...

Brian Olewnick likes his field recordings with a little extra dimension, and “ld2i-(3)”
with its intricate, intriguing substrate just seemed to provide that…


Sound performances exploring decline and decay.


U20 artificial memory trace "garig gunak barlu (australOpus 1)" : as a source of potential to reveal...

A french only detailed review by Denis Boyer on the always excellent Feardrop cuts into the deep layers of Artificial Memory Trace’s soundworld, and explores the multidimensional impact of “garig gunak barlu”…