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Sound Bite: Action, not feeling

This Sound Bite is from Jason Segedy’s chapter, “Why Bother?  Musings on Faith, Hope and Love.”  If you want to read more (and of course, of course you do), get your hands on the whole book… 238 more words

Sound Bites

Just Another Excuse to Sell Me A Product...

“Heartbleed, Just Another Excuse to Sell Me More Products…”

You and every one of your competitors want to jump on the bandwagon and talk about Heartbleed to sell your customers something new. 718 more words

David Stelzl

Sound Bites: It's All About Them

This Sound Bite comes from Anne Krieg’s chapter, “The Politics of the Situation.”  To read more goodness like this, click here to get the book… 143 more words

Sound Bites

Sound Bite: Remember to pop your bubble

This Sound Bite comes from Rebecca Maclean’s chapter, Time To Make the Donuts.  Want to read more?  Get the book in digital or print. 168 more words

Sound Bites

The "It's Not Quite Monday" Obsession Part Something

So I know that a lot of people have been obsessed with 2048 the game but that the fad is slowly dying out. However someone recently created this “make your own” version of the game where you can number or name the tiles anything you’d like. 96 more words

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Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks Shell Shock Scene

This clip is an example of how sound designers use sound manipulation to make the audience feel as though they are part of the on screen story. 251 more words