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More Fear

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Speaking of “fear,” and its relationship to mystical experience, here’s a little nugget of vindication from the Hasidic world. According to Martin Buber, Rabbi Aaron of Karlan was… 219 more words


This Week's Sound Bites: Jon Stewart, 'Wild,' James Franco, & more

Every week, EW compiles the best Sound Bites from television, film, and pop culture. This week, Jon Stewart figures out a celebrity couples name for himself and Angelina Jolie, a packing tip from… 177 more words


YAY for YA!! Lessons I Never Learned At Meadowbrook Academy by Liz Maccie

“High School’s never over” is one of my all time favorite lines from a movie (The Jane Austen Book Club). To say that I connected with… 157 more words


What We Don't Know Hurts Us

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There are some things that people have known for a long time. Here’s one – from Chapter 6, Book XIX of The City of God… 310 more words


Jane Austen Cover To Cover by Margaret C. Sullivan

Jane Austen…need I say more? This magnificent book is a must-have for all Janeites. Margaret C. Sullivan has put together 200 years of classic covers and fun facts. 45 more words


Hermeneutic Helps

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A grad school friend of mine once remarked “There’s a lot of magical realism in the Bible.” We all laughed, but at some point the reader has to deal with it. 333 more words


Something New Already

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Here’s an amazing, and underappreciated, fact: utopian moments crop up frequently, all around us. By a “utopian moment,” I mean a sense that things can be different; a sense that there is far more to life than has been thought up until now; a subtle or fleeting sense that there are grounds for hoping that something new can take place. 235 more words

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