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'Dead Within' out 9/9/14

After years of work, I am proud to say the zombie film Josh and I composed the original score for is set to be released on September 9, 2014. 49 more words

Sound Design

Augmentation [time of death] 2.31 - 5.00

The production of fiction requires an absence from worldly reality and a duplication of the teller in a site of potentiality positioned between life and death (Bronfen 1992: 358) 1,012 more words


Digital Da Vinci Vol. 1

Digital Da Vinci: Computers in Music is dedicated to polymathic education and interdisciplinary studies in the digital age empowered by computer science. Educators and researchers ought to encourage the new generation of scholars to become as well rounded as a Renaissance man or woman.  204 more words


Ableton Live - Operator Kick Drum Design


Kick drums or bass drums form the backbone of many musical genres. Where there are beats, there will be kicks. Designing kicks is a relatively simple task with a… 495 more words


Filmmaking, Emotions and Sound: Communicate with the 'Designers'

Sound is at least half of your film; make it 60-70% of the experience depending on who you are talking to. You do not have to be a skilled sound designer, musician or composer to take advantage of its power. 680 more words


Thoughts on: Non-Obvious Gaming Peripherals

Having a large a lot of peripherals for you gaming set up, console or pc, helps build senses of immersion into your gaming experience. Your plastic guitars and tennis racket molds help shape the perception of what you’re playing, helps creating the illusion of the rock star or  tennis pro. 463 more words