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Spooky Scary Cinema: Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

When looking at the best aspects of a horror film, the audio editing and production is one of the most important parts of it all. It can help make the distinction between a genuinely horrifying experience or a fake-looking chuckle-fest. 557 more words


Ben Burtt Review

Review of Ben Burtt
By Nicholas turner

In films, you can always tell whether or not the animation team have nailed their job, or an actor has really pulled at the heart strings of the audience, or the angles used for the camera work are spot on and amazing, but when it comes to audio, you only know you have done a good job when nobody notices your mixing. 570 more words

Procedural Audio and the Physics of Sound

Following on from discussing basic non-repetitive sound design techniques, the next step towards completely responsive and interactive audio systems has to be procedural audio. As briefly mentioned in the previous blog, the best way for us to save memory when creating sound for video games is to generate it within the game engine. 680 more words

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Critical Review of the Development of Sound Design Practice

When films were silent, in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, and used a backing song, or usually a piano player would play along with the mood of the scene, this could be considered the early stages of Sound Design, using non-diegetic sounds to present/enhance the mood of the action on screen.

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Introduction to Pro Tools (workshop learning log)

Today’s workshop served to introduce us to the workflow and basic functions of Pro Tools, the industry standard audio editing software. We were given a clip from a German film, which featured a voice-over in German, along with English subtitles. 242 more words

Media Futures Documentary

The sound design project

I haven’t blogged about the sound design project earlier, but we’re working on it together with Cheryl and Aaron. So basically we decided quite early on on which clip we want to use and Cheryl had an idea about the story and wrote the script. 282 more words

CfP: Data sonification and sound design in interactive systems (Intl Jnl Human Computer Studies)

CfP means ‘call for papers’ or ‘call for participants’ and appears in a sizeable proportion of the emails I receive to my academic email account. 260 more words

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