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Interstellar sounds

As previously mentioned, one of the best things about Interstellar for me (and there are so many good things) is the sound. So here’s a video about the Sound of Interstellar. 11 more words


Tech: Story Time

Tech: Story Time

Now that I’ve gone over the process of tech, here are some entertaining stories from my last two and a half years of doing this. 548 more words

Stage Management

Textual Anlaysis: This is England 86'

Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of relationships using the following:

  • Camera Work
  • Sound Design
  • Editing
  • Mise-en-scene

Throughout the extract several relationships are displayed, camera work is used with this extract to allow the audience to see and understand the many relationships. 763 more words

Camera Work

Digital Multimedia

This was the first group program development project I was involved in. It was a subject called Digital Multimedia; where the Portalesque short video came from. 499 more words


Sound Design

There will be a fair few aspects to the sound design in my short film, more than I had last year. I know that this may start to get a little confusing because even with less sound effects at AS level, I still had between 2 and 5 layers of sound at any one time. 368 more words


Monsters, Podcasts, Sounds

Well, Its been almost 2 months of living in Los Angeles. I’ve been to more studios than I can count. I’ve sent more emails than I can count. 164 more words