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Dirk's Five: The Art of Noise!

Back to school! Before the Summer Holidays I set an assignment for the students of Dirk’s Film School. It seems a long time ago now, but I asked the collective minds of Twitter to suggest the… 731 more words

Dirk's Five

Six Signature Superhero Sound Effects!

Longbox Graveyard #136

One of the singular pleasures of being a comic book fan is puzzling out their onomatopoetically-rendered sound effects!

Sound Effects” from MAD, by the brilliant Wally Wood… 708 more words

Jack Kirby

Bruce Lee Was A Cha-Cha Champion?

I think this is a very decent tribute to “The Real Bruce Lee” who lives with us in spirit, indefinitely.


Sound Mirrors Echo Obsolete Military Technology as Art Installation

Image: Signal

Before the invention of radar, the British military experimented with acoustic mirrors as a means of detecting approaching enemy aircrafts. Rather than displaying blips on a screen, these strategically placed parabolic monoliths simply reflected ambient noise from their concave surfaces, making it easier to discern far-off sounds, like the drone of an airplane’s engine. 335 more words




My name is Adrian and I am an amateur sound designer. I decided to start a blog to help document my process in creating my first sound effects pack and becoming a professional, and hopefully post other useful information too. 47 more words

Brown, Heavy and Hairy, What Good Could Come From It?

The best luck we’ve had raising a coconut palm tree was not the one I started in the

house, it struggled to grow for years and then finally looked so badly it was moved out with the weekly trash. 862 more words

Health Benefits