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Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Interstellar” is considered amongst the greatest of all time. SoundWorks Collection discovers the sound of the movie within this episode. Supervising sound editor and sound designer Richard King talks about the sound of Interstellar,


Sound design

Because of certain restrictions in the coursework I had to make my own sound effects or use any that were free to use.

From the… 322 more words


Iconic Sounds in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is coming out this week. While a lot of the fun of the franchise is its sharp gameplay and visual nsotalgia, one thing I find fascinating about… 340 more words

Video Games

Sound Assignment

FOLEY artists are named after Jack Foley the ‘pioneer of sound effects’ (1891-1967) and is credited for inventing ‘the art of foley’.

Practitioner research:

Ben Burtt… 180 more words


I Hate Canned Laughter.

Well, Radio has now been and unfortunately gone. I’m not going to go on as to why I love it, as you should know by now, and I’d be repeating myself- …again. 556 more words

Media Production

FP Update II

Second update after a few days.I’ve decided to change the background music for most of the scenes to make it more dramatic and sci-fi because the earlier background music had almost not dramatic feel to it at most times it sounded like nothing was going to happen -sounded bland. 228 more words