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Skipping Rocks On Frozen Lake Creates The Coolest Sound Ever Heard...(Video)

Start the video at 3:41 to que up the coolest sound ever….

At least it appears to be the coolest sound ever heard by this vlogger, Cory “Mr.Safety” Williams aka “DudeLikeHELLA”. 24 more words


On Smoke Alarms and African Greys

African Grey parrots are incredible. Along with their distant cousins the Yellow Nape and Double Yellow Head Amazons, they are near perfect mimics of sounds around them. 357 more words


Resources for SFX for IHL Simulations

Here are some sources for free sound effects you can use to add another layer of realism to some of the IHL Action Campaign simulations. 11 more words

Action Campaign

Animatic feedback

2 people from my media group have looked at my animatic and have given feedback. Here are the comments:

First reviewer



Netflix for Audio Drama, with Fred Greenhalgh

Are current audio drama distribution models and bland podcast categories holding you back?

Fred Greenhalgh (FinalruneRadio Drama RevivalThe Cleansed) wrote a fantastic article back in March titled  169 more words

Post 4 On: Mixing a Musical (Chapter 2.3)

Sound Cue: Any introduction of an aural element into a production
Cueing: The manipulation of a sound cue (entrance, volume, segue, etc)
Practical: A working, on-stage effect (doorbell, phone, etc) 398 more words