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Week 12 – The Abstract Truth

“Thus Steve Reich, explaining to Edward Strickland in 1987 why he didn’t write European-style serial music, argued that his repetitive, low-affect music was true to the popular experience of post-war consumer America:  “Stockhausen, Berio, and Boulez were portraying in very honest terms what it was like to pick up the pieces after World War 2.  810 more words


Week 11 - Brian Eno/Generative/Ambient

Brian Eno is a musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, regarded as an innovator of ambient music. Through his solo music he has explored musical styles and pioneered ambient and generative music. 685 more words


Week 10 – Philip Glass/Minimalism/Additive Composition

Philip Glass is regarded as one of the major minimalist composers along with Steve Reich, Terry Riley and La Monte Young. Although Glass himself has sought to distance himself somewhat from the minimalist label as he describes his own work as “music with repetitive structures”. 850 more words