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Tonearm blog: How does sound reach our ears?

The vast subject of sound is often difficult to comprehend, with many such as Audio Engineer and senior sound lecturer Dave Phillips dedicating his whole life to learning about the matter.  30 more words


Tonearm blog; Electronic Dance Music is facing a crisis of sound

2014 was a successful year for dance music. It was the highest growing genre of tracks sold in the US, and for the first time, a dance act claimed the awards for best album and record, thanks to Daft Punk.  99 more words

Sound Quality

Does high-resolution audio actually sound better? The music quality test

Many musicians, producers and audiophiles all claim high-definition music is not only important, but fundamental to hear the true sound as the artist intended. But how different is this sound? 314 more words


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Have you got a passion for high-res music? Are you one of the 18,000 who helped contribute to the Pono’s kickstarter campaign? Or perhaps you feel it is not worth it, that regular quality is more than sufficient? 30 more words


Song of the week

DJ Mr Scruff has been producing music for more than 20 years. We’re taking it back to the year 1997 through his song ‘Chicken In A Box’. 115 more words


3 Weird Ways To A Better Sound Quality Recording

Studio is not affordable to everyone and at times, making your own professional home studio may not be a great iead too. And there are mics that are very expensive and require knowledge and experience to operate.

424 more words

Tonearm blog; why are we drawn to loud music?

In a recent chat with Ian Shepherd, British Mastering Engineer and founder of Dynamic Range Day, he spoke of how people naturally seen to be drawn towards louder music. 104 more words