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Skinny Love

I always thought the song Skinny Love was too sad, so I went and fixed it.

Ciaran Keane

Turning body motion into music

I know a project is right along my alley when I get Goosebumps when I see it. This is one of them. As I was just chatting with the friend who showed me this, the aspect of performance has been greatly lost in the electronic music era. 139 more words


The Takers and Sound

Reading some articles in this book recently has made me more thoughtful about the way we perceive sound. I recall watching a TED talk by Evelyn Glennie… 618 more words


murder. on a rooftop.

Some fly by the seat of their amps jagoff Beatles cover band had just finished their faux rooftop set in a cursory attempted homicide of Norwegian Wood (it was no good), and were rolling their bussed in geriatric fanclub down the switchbacks of wheelchair ramps along with their stage. 149 more words


We're proud to present the Delta experience

This month we’re delighted to announce the final introduction of our brand new Wharfedale Pro Delta series system. Thumping loud and crystal crispy clear, this sound system is absolutely stunning. 247 more words

NASA Recording of Sound Waves in Space

Space lacks sound as we know it on Earth, because there is no air in space. But sound waves do still exist in space. I know, trippy, right? 43 more words