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Jack White: Lazaretto

<Blunderbuss> 이후 2년동안 잭 화이트에게는 꽤 많은 일들이 있었다. 우선 전처 캐런 엘슨과의 이혼이 2013년 마무리되었고, 그 과정에서 블랙 키스를 부정적으로 이야기하는 메일이 유출되었으며, 롤링 스톤지와의 인터뷰에서 깎아 내렸던 여러 뮤지션들, 예컨데 아델, 와인하우스, 라나 델 레이, 더피등에게 공개적으로 사과하는 촌극도 있었다. 28 more words


Calming Sounds

Music is great…

It can be uplifting, exciting, sad, or calming.

Today I found out that simple everyday noises can feel like… 262 more words

Left out :)

Amazing is weather surrounding
The best to toe up your feets
And feeling every drop of nature on forehead …
Living upon the road of the every small wish .. 63 more words


Contributor: Tania Hossain

A one of a kind display at the Artisphere in Rosslyn hangs the Fermata – the first exhibition dedicated entirely to the celebration of sound.  143 more words


A silent movie with sound.

I see your lips move. The meaning of your words comes later.

Quick Note

Before I finish up my Fat Cat Friday post, I must say…

My fiancé sounds like a dying bird when he plays FIFA.

I wanted to provide proof, but he magically started using his words every time I brought out my phone. 8 more words