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It seems that life is most definitely on my side today. Apart from a couple of burns and an hour or two of complete utter frustration, I can happily announce that around 95% of Phobass IV Mk2 works! 148 more words

Media Objects Audio Project

In response to the theme ‘catalyst’, the sounds that I chose to record and/or find online are ones that happen as a result of something else, and often create a change in the listener as well. 495 more words


Sunday 30th March 2014 - External Hire Show: Applause For Street Pastors

At the start of the day, arriving at the theatre at 1pm, the show was put on by Applause who were raising money for the Leicester City Centre Street Pastors (event leaflet pictured top right). 1,067 more words


Details, details! and Let Your Sound Come Forth!

I’ve noticed over the past few days that I’ve not been able to officially start my training. Instead, I seem to be closing out the last season by getting caught up on administrative details like opening mail, reading said mail, scanning, and tossing or taking action on said mail. 624 more words


“Don’t take that tone with me!!” Admit it. How many of you are guilty of having a parent, guardian, mate, or friend accuse you of having a tone when speaking to them? 879 more words

Inspiration Stories

Bird Sound - Santon Downham

For my installation I want to envelop the visitor in the sound of the outdoors, to make them feel as though they are really there in the Great Bustard’s environment. 295 more words