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Darren McClure - First Snow

Darren Mc Clure, sound artist based in Matsumoto, just released his new soundscape “First Snow”.

We liked the transparency of this ambient track. It’s interesting to see how  simultaneously sound can be soothing and full of surprises; naturally the track is unfolding itself and revealing other subtle elements which contribute to the overall vaporous atmosphere..


QA : James Hoff

1. Who are you?

James Hoff.

2. What do you do?

I’m an artist.

3. Where do you often create/produce?

I have a painting studio in Brooklyn, but I make most of my music on airplanes. 1,805 more words


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Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds, Café and Gallery

This week I’m a part of the project Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds a Café and Galleryspace on Andralånggatan in Gothenburg. Four artists have been working for four days each the last 16 days and I am the last of the four to take over this chainreaction workshop and process based project. 67 more words


Karl Fousek - iteration (excerpts)

Karl Fousek, musician based in Montreal, released few days ago two excepts from his upcoming project “iteration”.

We liked how each excerpt exhales a mystical appeal. 39 more words