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Mauro Sambo - Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve...

artist: Mauro Sambo
title: Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…
keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, improvisational, jazz, soundcollage
label: Plus Timbre
reviewer: Mark X

A brand new netlabel was born. 733 more words


Lonely Cicada

A huge lonely cicada on a tree in the middle of the street in Mysore.

/* Korg MR-1 – OKM II classic binaural mics */


cheon kim - eat dogs drink cats

artist: cheon kim
title: eat dogs drink cats
keywords: experimental, electronic, psychedelic, industrial,
label: MAV Records http://mavrecords.webs.com/

cheon kim comes from wherever he came and brings a delicious release through MAV records. 601 more words


Master Margherita - Edmond

artist: Master Margherita
title: Edmond
keywords: drone, edmond, electronic, experimental, noise, soundtracks, tom jones, ambient, dubstep, progressive, psychedelic, techno, Switzerland

Master Margherita’s Ednond is one little EP that sounds as deep as a deep thought. 337 more words


Traveling Tunes

I consider the Allman Brothers Band to have written some of the most iconic songs to travel to ever. Two drummers, keys and a dynamic bass line drive the music forward and the guitars sing high and low in melody and harmony. 47 more words


Soundscape 'A Sense of Place' (SISE)

The aim of this assignment was to create my own representation of a place through a one minute soundscape. I chose St Nicks Market to carry out this assignment because it is a social hub of activity that I wanted to document in a less conventional way. 298 more words