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Jakten på filteret

Uansett hvor minutiøs gjengivelse av lydbildet du klarer å skaffe deg gjennom kvalitetsanlegg, kabler og høytalere: det største filteret mellom deg og musikken bærer du alltid med deg. 1,104 more words


Salmon Pacific Gutted - Extraordinary adventures in cellars of consciousness

artist: Salmon Pacific Gutted
title: Extraordinary adventures in cellars of consciousness
format: Tape / Digital
keywords: lo-fi, psychedelic, improvisation, experimental, jam, noisy, krautrock, rock

Welcome at another post on Yeah I Know It Sucks, this time we have listened to the psychedelic Lo-fi music of  Salmon Pacific Gutted. 265 more words



Cows are almost everywhere in India, I mean everywhere from high mountains to sea shores. It is quite weird for tourists , but to be quite honest I really love it and miss it too. 297 more words


Claude Speeed - Prove You Exist

So, you know how we wuz luvin’ that Claude Speeed track about a month or so back? Well, there’s more. A whole album more.

To mark its release, he’s done a couple of things. 80 more words


OK!Quoi? Composer in Residence Monica Pearce's Collaborative Soundscaping Project

Composer Monica Pearce returns to Sackville to work on Sounds of Sackville, an immersive audio portrait of the town. She’s gathered together a number of local collaborators that are sampling the town’s footsteps, crickets, door-hinges, and more in order to assemble a composition that will be presented this Friday at the Sackville Music Hall as part of the OK!Quoi? 42 more words


Nell Gross - the Sweet underneath of your houses

artist: Nell Gross
Title: the Sweet underneath of your houses
keywords: dark ritual, experimental, vocal
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Sweet underneath of your houses by Nell Gross is quite interesting. 119 more words