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Magnetone - NP

artist: Magnetone
title: NP
cat: MBRZ-229
keywords: lobit, audio art, noise, minimalism, experimental
label: Microbit Records http://lautpoesie.narod2.ru/Microbit_Records_label/
reviewer: Leo Obit

They cut off the electric, but not the internet. 477 more words


Another Night by The Sea

This was recorded in the same woods of the last post on india, this time around midnight. And it’s the last of all my usable recordings from India. 59 more words


Travelogue 2014: Top Ten Ambient (Drone / Soundscape)

This year I’ve divided the ambient categories into drone/soundscape, electroacoustic, and electronica. For me, the best drone/soundscape focuses on mood and reverie.  Elements, layers, and motifs blend into a whole that transcends the sum of the respective parts, a rich tapestry of sound that envelopes and transports the listener. 155 more words


Sound Awakener - hidden

Artist: Sound Awakener
title: hidden
keywords: experimental, field recordings, found sounds, free improvisation, instrumental, original, soundscapes, Vietnam

Are you awake enough to hear some music done by Sound Awakener? 691 more words


Through a musical lens: Francesco Giannico - Metrophony [Time Released Sound]

“Through a musical lens” is a short series of reviews focusing on albums that present and explore human experience through music. Each album incorporates field recordings, ephemera, or motifs that revolve around everyday life and memory thus creating an especially intimate connection between their transportive sounds and the listener.  520 more words



A relaxing afternoon in the woods behind a guest house close to arabian sea.

/* Korg MR-1 – OKM II classic binaural mics */