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A soothing trip down the river

This is just my personal mix of ambient sounds and old 90’s environmental music for me to listen to while I paint, but I thought you’d like to listen to it too. 34 more words


Step Right Up

Here is a signature sound of summer and one sure to put a smile on your face. This barker was recorded at the Ulster County Fair in New Paltz, NY.

Sound And Story Collection

Post-Materialists - Junky Tapes

Artist: Post-Materialists
title: Junky Tapes
keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, drone-electronic, experimental-jazz, lo-fi, noise, noise rock

Post-materialists have built up a reputation to be too weird for the Russian experimental avant-garde scene. 533 more words


Filmmaking, Emotions and Sound: Communicate with the 'Designers'

Sound is at least half of your film; make it 60-70% of the experience depending on who you are talking to. You do not have to be a skilled sound designer, musician or composer to take advantage of its power. 680 more words


Sonologyst - Unexplained Sounds

Artist: Sonologyst
title: Unexplained Sounds
cat: Petroglyph226
keywords: experimental, dark ambient, noise, soundscape
label: Petroglyph Music http://petroglyphmusic.com/

Did you ever go to the weird side of YouTube to be greeted with videos of people recording strange unexplained sounds coming from the sky? 1,229 more words


Urban Interventions

Canal 180 (Open Call Urban interventions)

Design : Raquel Dória

Concept: Sara Pita

Soundscape Urban Interventions 

Mute Project

Concept: Sara Pita and Raquel Dória

Design: Raquel Dória

Various Artists - Midnight Radio Compilation 24.

Artist: various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation 24.
keywords: alternative, experimental, ambient, electronic,
label: Midnight Radio Compilation

The Midnight radio compilation series is like the never ending story but then perhaps more darker and without a rather large flying dog. 1,956 more words