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If you look like a meth addict and feel like a met adict then you’re probably a meth addixt.
End psot.

Help me improve bolg

Hey guys, i need to ask you somethi g
If i took up gardening would that improve my blog?
Pls substribe
End psot.

Natalie's ultimate guide to survive any music festival

hey ho! this post is not gonna be too long and draggy i promise! if you’ve been to any all day music festival you probably get the drill etc. 737 more words


Godflesh are playing at Soundwave 2015

And are going to do sideshows.







Killer Soundwave 2015 Line-Up!

People are freaking out about this rock-god-filled line-up for Soundwave 2015! Including us!

It is on the other side of the world but I’d like to think┬áthere is enough time for the Stoner Girls to make it there.


Soundwave 2015 Announced

If you live in Australia, or feel like traveling, then this post is for you. Soundwave 2015 has been announced, and will now be a two day festival, that alternates between cities. 87 more words


Soundwave 2015

It’s only been up for an hour or two but it’s already drawing plenty of reaction and despite the heapings of excitement, it’s not all positive; but there’s the internet for you. 100 more words