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A Trio of Decepticons!

Soundwave, Megatron and Starscream. Three of the most easily recognisable and important Decepticons in the entire Transformers Franchise.

This pencil drawing is an imitation of a similar piece of FanArt I found on the web back in 2005. 34 more words


Christy Matson

Christy Matson, is another artist who I’m interested with, because of her work Soundw(e)ave. I became interested in her, as she’s another artist who’s looking for different techniques to make graphics in different way.  119 more words

Visualisation Of Conversation

"I think Sting is villainous" - An interview with EagleBones Falconhawk of The Aquabats

Hey Eagle Bones, how are you doing?

Good, how you doing man?

I’m great. To start off with, have you ever thought about playing a completely serious show with no fights or anything like that and blowing people’s minds? 1,697 more words


Top 10 Generation 1 Transformers (9/29/2014)

So if I haven’t made it clear before that I am a fan of the original G1 Transformers…  Let me just state again that I am. 1,283 more words


Soundwave? More Like SoundRAVE, Am I Right?! ...I'll Let Myself Out.

It’s finally here! The festival that brings out the emo kid in all of us: Soundwave. With the lineup now available, it’s time to dress head to toe in black and get weird. 184 more words

Megatron/Soundwave Art Print Available at NYCC

by Jerry Ma | Originally posted at Epic Proportions

Okay, so this took me much much much longer than I ever expected.  I remember sitting at my desk at work and trying to think of something fun to draw. 281 more words


Sam Witwicky vs Soundwave

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Sam has never been the bravest sandwich in the shop. He tries to take everything in stride, but he is typically out of his depth. 32 more words