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Mountain Breeze in the City Slums

They open the doors of the long white corridor bathed in aqua colored tables with florescent yellow chairs that tastes like the waters of a desert oasis. 167 more words


5 Great Places to Donate Post-Holidays

It is better to give – than receive!

The holiday season elicits a broad range of feelings in people. The most important is that wonderful feeling of giving. 659 more words


Rapper 50 Cent Volunteers at Food Bank of New York

Infamous rapper 50 Cent took a break from pushing his frenemies buttons to pack up food items to needy families at The Food Bank of New York City’s… 98 more words

Give love this Christmas.

“Wheresoever we seek our own, there we fall from love.”
—Thomas a Kempis

“There is the tendency to place ourselves and our ambitions at the center of our lives. 401 more words


IHST - I'mma Pray for You, Homie.

Look, this isn’t to say prayers aren’t appreciated. If you work at Walgreens, I’m not asking you to perform pro bono legal services. At the same time, maybe we should take advantage of opportunities for us to do more beyond saying 3 Hail Mary’s and “Good luck?”


Kitchen and Pantry Alert

Under the Members button, click the Kitchen and Pantry page for recently added soup kitchens and neighborhood pantries. When you select a kitchen or pantry, double-check for boundaries – and make sure you are within them. 35 more words

Kitchen & Pantry

Eleanor Roosevelt: The lady

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most famous first ladies to exist.

She cared about people.

She used to do things like work in soup kitchens and traveled all around the world meeting regular and famous people. 102 more words

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