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One-Pot Chili Mac & Cheese

Anyone else feel like they’re in the middle of a baby boom? I feel like there are a lot of new, little people in my life lately. 382 more words

One-Dish Dinners

Grandma DeAngelo's Lentil Soup

Though a long-time family favorite this recipe needed a few changes to work with my new lifestyle. Below are are directions to make this recipe with healthier food choices. 218 more words


Spiced Freekeh Soup

If you are from Melbourne, you will definitely understand the need for a warming soup right about now, if you aren’t then thank your lucky stars because it is… 374 more words


Chipotle Corn Chowder

Sometimes I get a dish in my head and I just have to make it.  That’s the way it was with this.  Southwestern-flavored corn chowder is nothing new, but it popped into my mind and stewed there for a few days until I just had to make it.  390 more words


Monsta's Balsamic Roast Tomato Soup

My beautiful friend shared this gem of a recipe with me. It’s simple, healthy and delicious and you can take my word for it because she is one of the best cooks I know! 223 more words


Take-away Orange

Tuesday, 12.22pm and there I am – balancing on that tricky seesaw between time and hunger to fit in a quick and tasty lunch before afternoon commitments ensue.   243 more words


Chicken Noodle Soup: A Sickness Cure

No matter how sick you feel, physically & emotionally, there is something about homemade chicken noodle soup that cures all pain. Recently, my neighbor who is eleven years old, has been feeling awful. 513 more words