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Software to convert Numbers from one base to another

I have just developed a software that converts the number system from one base to another base. It was developed using C# and XAML. Windows Presentation Foundation model was the main thing to thank for the development of the Graphical User Interfact. 129 more words


GIStemp - who needs Antarctic data or temps near ice.

I finally got GIStemp source code loaded into the Qemu SPARC emulator, unpacked it, and did a preliminary assessment.

First off, it is way out of date. 1,275 more words

Global Warming

BBC News: Top hacker Hotz recruited by Google

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Top hacker Hotz recruited by Google

Google has assembled a team to spot critical bugs and vulnerabilities – and taken on one of the world’s most notorious hackers as an intern. 9 more words


WPF Charts (Part 1)

I was playing around with techniques and built a short chart demo. There are many tools out there to create charts. I prefer the good old… 1,105 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star-Times, 8th June 2014

Tom Cruise dies. Tom Cruise dies over and over again. Tom Cruise dies over and over again while taking each new opportunity at life to fight an alien invasion. 490 more words

Film Comment

Edge of Tomorrow: Fun Video Game Viewing

Edge of Tomorrow (2014 PG-13) has been compared to Groundhog Day (1993 PG), the Bill Murray comedy in which a news reporter repeats the same day until he learns a valuable life lesson.   442 more words