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Fixing an SSLv3 Error Connecting to Bitbucket from SourceTree with Mercurial

I started receiving an SSLv3 Handshake error message when using SourceTree to synchronize a Mercurial repository to Bitbucket. In this post, I’ll show how the issue can be resolved. 191 more words


Using Source Control with BitBucket, Source Tree and Visual Studio - Part 2

In part 1 we looked at installing our source control tools and setting up our first repository.  To truly make source control as powerful as it can be we need to create new branches for various changes that we make so that we can switch back and forth between different versions of our site.  953 more words


Configure git repository in eclipse

Assuming eclipse is already installed, this post will show how to install git plugin in eclipse and configure views for git projects.This was tested in Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS… 121 more words


Host your own Code Repository (GIT)

Code Repositories

As all developers know, Murphys Laws is a powerful guide to keep in mind and help us (in one way or the other) to prevent big catastrophes. 757 more words

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Using Source Control with BitBucket, Source Tree and Visual Studio - Part 1

Source Control is a concept that I had overlooked for several years.  As the sole developer for several companies over the years I did not see the need for source control mainly because I did not understand source control.  695 more words


Drop and Create all Foreign Keys The Elegant Way

Yesterday I posted a script that will drop all of the foreign keys in your database in a very inelegant, but super effective way. Today’s script is slightly more sophisticated in that you can print out the CREATE statements for the foreign keys before running the drop. 934 more words


Teaching Modern Development – The series – Part 6

Welcome back again to this series about teaching modern development. This session will be very different from the more technical ones and might remind you of the firsts when we covered some of Visual Studio features. 2,981 more words