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Adding Git to an Existing Project

I would do it for Xcode project but it can be done almost similarly with any other project.

Before adding git, you should configure git with your name and email address… 264 more words


Show pending changes shortcut

VS 2012 + AnkhSVN

Show pending changes shortcut Ctrl+K, C

The Art of Excellent Source Control Commits and Tracking

To be a successful developer you must become the ultimate organizer.  This means you must be organized in your coding, your placement of files in your projects, how you organize your project requirements, what order you complete requirements in and the list goes on and on.   581 more words


Git: Move changesets into feature branch from master and reset

After having used SVN for over 5 years it is hard getting used to the Git work flow. Once in a while code is committed to the master branch that should have been committed to a feature branch. 225 more words


Submit Your Project to Github

Your project could be a web site, an android app or an iOS app etc so let’s take an iOS app example using Xcode on Mac OS X Yosemite. 499 more words


Using Source Control with BitBucket, Source Tree and Visual Studio - Part 3

Conflicts are caused when two branches both have changes to the same file that could potentially overwrite each other. Source control keeps track of these kinds of changes and will alert the developer to these issues. 406 more words