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How to change a project's source control from SourceSafe to TFS

  • This article does not cover how to migrate your SourceSafe database to TFS.
  • This article is intended to only describe how to migrate a project’s source control from SourceSafe to TFS.
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Export Untracked, modified, moved and deleted files from a Git repository to archive

Today I wanted to export to a .tar.gz archive all unstracked (new) , modified and deleted files from a Git repository. After some searching, I found… 76 more words


Source Control Hierarchy Cracked! Part II

Most recently I’ve noticed revision control systems showing up embedded into popular applications such as Google Docs or even implemented on the OS level like Mac OS X and its version control APIs, allowing¬†consumers to grok revision control. 414 more words

Source Control

Advanced "status" options

Two weeks ago I showed how to filter output of hg status with awk. That simple awk script removes unknown (untracked) files from output and also removes the file status: you get a simple list of modified/added files. 51 more words


Source Control Hierarchy Cracked! Part I

The main hiccup I faced once I started working with RTC was with source control concepts. I had to deconstruct it in order to get a better understanding. 420 more words

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Combining TFS Version Control and Git with Git-TF

For a customer I am (together with my colleague Jasper Gilhuis) setting up a hybrid solution regarding Version Control. Some Scrum teams use Git as their primary Source Control system and most of them use TFS Version Control. 725 more words


Initial Project Share using IBM's Rational Team Concert

In the past year I moved out of a java developer position for jumping into the technical support engineer world. My working tool remained the same whereas my tasks changed a great deal. 301 more words

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