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Benefit of the Doubt

Sometimes I give
others the benefit
of the doubt because
I try too hard to
believe they have no
reason to be hurtful.

I no longer want to… 21 more words



There are many forms
of submissive behavior.
Emotional dependency is
a tricky affair. It causes
one to be vulnerable

Do not roll over and show… 10 more words


Half-Life 2: My return to Black Mesa

As I get older it’s hard to keep track of what year a game, movie, or television show came out (I know, I’m old).  To my surprise it’s the 20th anniversary of two greats, Forrest Gump and Donkey Kong Country.   353 more words


Source Naturals Skin Eternal 240 Tablets For

Today we are going to talk about a wonderful company called Daisy Blue Naturals. They share, how to care for your bodies outer protective layer – the integumentary system – in a natural and healthy way. 217 more words



All of us suffer from
low self-esteem at times.
We doubt ourselves
compare with others
and find ourselves lacking
not enough of this
or too much of that… 37 more words



In the past, I have tried
to be open-minded, to respect
the other’s right to their
opinion and lifestyle. At times,
though, I have crossed the line, 70 more words