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Who's Hiding Inside

Tucked away within a slime covered oyster, one lying in the murky depths of the swirling ocean, lies a pearl of great price. The divers of indigenous peoples take their life in their hands to dive deep to bring to the surface these watery treasures, for sale and display. 826 more words

Our Own Free Will

Source does not impose
worship, slavish service, or
punishment for we must
in our own hearts voluntarily
recognize and love Him.

The Creator does not… 78 more words


The Ultimate Quest

The sublime search
for the Creator of
universes is the supreme
adventure of a lifetime.

The Quest
heroes and villains
We write our stories… 12 more words


Mystery of Mysteries

The Divine Presence
within man is the mystery
of mysteries. Unfathomable
is the idea of God within¬†us–
imperfect mankind. Yet
we experience this inner… 46 more words


Ebola outbreak: Priority is stopping it at the source, CDC head says

To protect the U.S. from the Ebola virus, the disease needs to be stopped at its source in West Africa, CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden says. 909 more words


What Is It?

Father, God, Spirit, Lord
Creator, Source, our list
of names seems endless as
does our compilation of
theory about what this
Force might be.

What did the prophet mean… 98 more words