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Why is 3d Printing Unknown?

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Just Be Calm

Calmness comes, not from a pill.
True serenity is a soul well healed.
Forgiveness and gratitude pave the way.
Calmness comes not from a pill. 26 more words


Gift of Illness

What message might
an illness bring?
Symbolically, does it
tell us something
we need to know?
For sure, it slows us
down, makes us
pay attention… 28 more words


Look for the Blessing

Look for the blessing
in all that occurs;
that hidden nugget
of gold that we often miss.
Step back from the drama
and ask,
can this be a blessing… 6 more words


Treasure Within Treasure

Treasure within treasures
Often go unfound
What did I miss today?
Only grateful eyes can see.


Angel Watch

A single leaf stirs
Yet there is no breeze nearby
An angel passes


Don't Pay Taxes

I no longer have
to pay taxes
which leaves death
as the only certainty.

Yet when we get a diagnosis
of impending death, we
feel shocked, as if it… 33 more words