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What Is Life?

Life is an arena
filled with gladiators
lions, tigers, and bulls.
Yet life is also a meadow
star-flung sky
unexpected find of wild berries.

Life is the theater… 72 more words


My appreciation for love and desire

I adore the feeling of desire, passion and lust!

It is one of the most delicious feelings I know.

There is so much that is sensual and sexual around us, so much to be appreciated! 60 more words

Feel Good

Understanding Poetry

You do not need to know
what this poem is about;
you only need to feel
its essence, that is, what
it awakens within you, 46 more words


Our Collective Flaw

Our great collective flaw
is our disregard of our connection
to Source and all life.
Our relentless busyness
mixed with our fear
insulates us from perceiving, 48 more words


The Splitting of the New Galaxy Has Begun

Thanks, Nick!

I found this very interesting in light of what YellowRose shared so I’m throwing it out there on the heels of the previous intel we shared today.   948 more words

Channeled Messages


I am no longer concerned
about the daily world.
I am in it, but
no longer belong.

I have let go
of the concerns of others… 74 more words


Article @Poynter cites 3 redesigns w/ continuous scroll & claims less bounce ::Hawthorne effect?::

Three major news website redesigns this year look very different but have an important feature in common: articles that seamlessly transition to new content, without requiring readers to click or tap headlines and then wait for new pages to load.

107 more words