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Splendor of the Universe

Forget setting goals
do away with a plan
I’m not suggesting aimlessness
rather that you let the Universe
reveal its splendor to you.

Elimanate laws… 59 more words


go to the source

I am an avid learner, as I recently shared in my desire to keep taking courses. I like to study the Word, read how others interpret the Word, and grow through the process. 577 more words

Blog Jots

Gentle Hearts

A gentle heart
is my strength
smooth my edges
let only kindness
spring from my heart
loving words flow
from my lips
may I remain in harmony… 14 more words


The Big Lesson

As I laid in my bed tonight reading through my drafts, I came across this blog post that I wrote in August. I’m always so struck by the continuation of truth–it doesn’t change, even when we do, even when the conditions of our life do. 2,040 more words

With the Force

The Force teaches those
who are ready to learn.

Those who embrace Force
become pure and innocent
then will remain unscathed
for the Force protects. 19 more words


RIP Bad Source Address Solutions

Last post has raised questions regarding to the bad source address in RIP. I will continue from the last post and introduce two solutions.

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Gratitude #7

Violets, gardenias
lilacs in the spring
lavender sachet
tucked among lacy lingerie
lemon, lady-of-the-night
nature fills the air
with fragrances of delight

Today I am grateful… 98 more words