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A What?

What noise do I hear?
There is a cat by my door.
Good grief, it’s a frog!

Life in the jungle
Always it’s an adventure
Feint-hearted beware!



Can you love me
with all my faults?
Am I good enough
pretty enough
smart enough
rich enough?

Child, no one is loved
for their beauty, money… 37 more words


आभार मन के स्रोत का

वक्ता: तेरी है ज़मीं, तेरा आसमां|

‘ज़मीं से आसमां’ मतलब, जो कुछ भी है| ज़मीन एक सिरा है, आसमान दूसरा सिरा है; उसके बीच में जो कुछ भी है| मतलब?


Remembering Infinity: The Illusion

I‘ve been giving quite a bit of thought lately to the nature of our reality—and the multitude of possibilities is certainly mind-boggling.  There are countless theories about literally everything under the sun—and despite volumes of material on every last detail, there is very little in the way of… 744 more words


Lessons Moses Learned

Besides being SURROUNDED and IMMERSED in WEALTH, Moses learned some other valuable lessons.

First and FOREMOST Moses learned to TRUST in GOD! This was put to the test before the Pharaoh, fleeing Egypt and then wandering in the wilderness. 179 more words

Hugh Simpson

The Bridge

The bridge passes
from this world to that.
The bridge is constructed of love
made firm by commitments;
waver and it collapses
tossing you into a sea of doubt… 14 more words


Bordwell, D. (2013). Narration in the Fiction Film. Routledge.

This book gives a very in-depth look into narration in fiction films and how it is used to create certain effects. However, it doesn’t have much information on unreliable narrators so may not be entirely helpful for my project. 18 more words