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Decorative Color as a Rhetorical Enhancement on the World Wide Web

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Understanding Rhetoric

Williams, Robin. The non-designer’s design book. Berkeley: Peachput Press, 2008. Print. 22 Sept. 2014


Notes (2) - Sources - Unit 73


  • foley artists use food, objects, chains and other things they collect in order to create sound for video games.
  • AMR – Hobbyhorse (could have used watermelon for smashing sound) – would have had to record horse neighs at a farm…
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New collection of Re/Search interviews with Penny Rimbaud

Re/Search publications are to publish a new pocketbook collection of interviews with Crass co-founder Penny Rimbaud. The publication date is listed as 16 December 2014 on some sites; but the item is currently available for order from the… 114 more words


Pete Fender interviewed on streetvoiceuk

Pete Fender (Fatal Microbes, Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe) was interviewed for the Street Voice UK site earlier this month. Reflecting on his experience in the anarcho-punk movement, he recalls: 122 more words


Storify as a News Curation Tool

Now I’m not one to use all the latest tech, I’m not a geek, my computer skills are shocking and I don’t get off on gadgets. 495 more words


Something Different - Domestic Drones

While the focus of this blog has been to discuss arguments about the USA’s drone program mainly abroad, and how our air strikes are detrimental to our causes, this post aims to discuss something very different yet still increasingly relevant as time passes, domestic drone use. 433 more words