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Lazy Journalism 101

Welcome to another edition of: “Look what those nutty Christians are up to now.”

Lots of media reported on Tuesday’s blood moon – a lunar eclipse where the sunset glow from the Earth is reflected onto the moon, making it appear red. 444 more words

Look Who is Buying From Bangladesh

It’s easy to say the right thing, but it’s not always easy to do the right thing as a recent investigation by The New York Times… 166 more words


Time Saving Recruiting Templates

Part of being a recruiter is never having enough time. A few quick shortcuts can save immense amounts of time and allow us to be more productive. 202 more words


Executive Search: It's time to expect more

I have always wondered why, after 50 years, the search industry has changed so little. Think about it. We’re still dependent on third party recruiters searching for VP, Director and Manager level talent that seemly are more accessible than ever. 505 more words

Contingent Search

Are Public Sector Contracts Doomed To Fail?

The issues that forced the resignation of US Health Secretary Mary Sebelius are just one example of the complex challenges facing those in the health service today. 478 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Kingpins Hong Kong - A Design and Marketing Conversation with Bloggers

Three weeks ago, I got the chance to participate in a Blogger seminar held by Style by Asia at Kingpins Hong Kong – the premium boutique denim tradeshow. 231 more words

Hong Kong Lifestyle Blog

Perennial Favorites: Using Creative Commons Like a Pro

Miss Manners will be the first to tell you that when someone gives you a gift, the proper response is a warm, enthusiastic, “thank you!” in writing. 666 more words