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Mrs Longbottom and her Apple Sanga's

Mrs Longbottom* probably should have retired ten years beforehand. She hadn’t though, and her young class of country folk kids was paying the price for that. 178 more words

Food Glorious Food

Craft and gardening and all that? It's officially considered Work

Busily transcribing the interview I had this morning with a recently retired International Labour Organisation statistician. Amazing person. Her area was work that has not historically been considered “real” work, nor factored into GDPs, i.e., “invisible” economies of goods and services that the ILO as of last fall refers to as “own-use production,” and it has very openly declared own-use production to be considered… 508 more words


The Food Chain

This is going to be one of those off the cuff blogs, quickly written, uploaded, and likely edited as time goes on and more ideas on the theme come along. 767 more words

Comfort Food

Scaling a Bread Recipe to suit your Needs - BreadStorm comes to the rescue!

Friday 29th August 2014

Hello my friends, hope you are all well and busy. This is one of my quick and slightly amateurish posts to point you to the… 713 more words


One of the best loaves of bread I've ever baked

This may look like a bread failure:

But I am going to tell you why it is anything but a bread failure.

You see, I think I’ve finally left the realm of the nervous beginner who obsesses about following dictates and worries about making mistakes, gets frustrated at the slightest imperfection in a final product, is impatient for the day when mastery will be reached. 713 more words


Pain De Campagne - A Bit Like Lithuanian 'White Bread'

What do you do when chilly and damp October-like days creep upon your unsuspecting soul that’s still dressed in summer outfits? After the brightness and busyness of the sunny months, I usually welcome the calmness and respite of darker, deeper days, monotonous rain, and silent head-space. 583 more words


Its baking (taper) time again!

Beetroot Gnocci

I have been meaning to post these for a while, I am enjoying making my own gnocchi, and this is a variation on the sweet potato one that I have tried. 170 more words