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Sourdough bakt brood. Kaaszaak verkoopt kaas. Kaas op brood is lekker. Maar wil het echt leuk worden, dan moet daar nog een dikke vette hamburger tussen. 973 more words


Sourdough wheat bread

Here is my first bread. The flavor is great!

This is my starter. I’ve been feeding it for 5 days. It’s very active.

Empty Nesting

another day, another poached egg

Yes, we poach eggs a lot. Because poached eggs are adorable. Just look at that little guy!  He was my favourite today. Julio made this for me while I cooked up the crepes and once again, his plating skills far exceed mine.   397 more words



My very own home-grown sourdough is finally working!

I don’t make bread every day so I’ve been cultivating my sourdough starter for quite a while. There are a myriad of recipes out there for sourdough starter but I decided to make it the old-fashioned way so I used only flour (unbleached organic) and water (spring). 352 more words

Melbourne Food Blog

Looks like we're off to a bit of a slow start.


I didn’t expect much to be happening at this point either. My kitchen is quite a cold environment too so that will just slow everything right down. 173 more words


Time to take on a new challenge with a Sourdough Starter


A sourdough starter is something I’ve always wanted to have a stab at. Although I don’t think it’s something to under-estimate. From what I’ve read so far, it requires time planning, patience and a little bit of knowledge to get off to a good start. 140 more words


B is for Brunch

Suggesting some of my favourite places to go for brunch…

1) Pump Street Bakery

Pump Street Bakery is a family run artisan bakery in Orford. They open from 9-4 Weds-Sat and 10-4 Sundays. 196 more words