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Alternative dining in Bogota

Klass is hidden behind Gran China, the ‘famous’ Chinese restaurant that everyone seems to know about, in vogue 20 years ago, but has since lost customers to… 986 more words


Day 21: Sweet Christmas Bread, Finnish Style

You remember I wrote in my previous post about one almost never coming to think of recipes that wouldn’t already exist? The following is the exception justifying the use of… 499 more words


Franco Manca 11/10/2014

Finally after months of enduring the hype surrounding Franco Manca and spending hours (minutes) watching people devouring sourdough pizzas in Brixton Market, I was finally able to sample one myself. 277 more words


Baking Bread 35

I’ve tried out another bread recipe which requires the bread to be left in the fridge overnight before it is baked in the morning. The idea of baking bread first thing in the morning holds a big appeal to me. 121 more words



I gave up alcohol and caffeine a while back to try and soften some tension headaches I’ve been getting, but, because it is Christmas, I caved the other evening and said yes to a “small” glass of red wine. 483 more words

Sourdough Pancakes

I love all kinds of sweet breakfast foods, and so I have several pancake recipes on rotation.  I almost always eat pancakes or French toast with sweetened… 103 more words


Field Mushroom Roll & Latte

A great start to an early morning. Gorgeously grilled field mushroom in freshly baked sourdough roll with rocket & homemade tomato chutney.. Taste absolutely amazing.. Especially with a great latte! All at Paddock Bakery.

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