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The woman : The reason for our downfall

Its very sad when we look at the state our black communities are in especially in townships. We bring children into the world that have God given talents with them , but when they grow up none of these talents are ever seen and most of the dreams our children have in townships  are never fulfilled. 879 more words


Foggy & Dodgy Port St. Johns

After a shower with spiders and a tasty breakfast, we packed up at Sani Lodge and headed to Port St. Johns. It was a horribly foggy drive, and for a while we couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of our car. 258 more words


Drinking in the Clouds: Africa's Highest Pub

If you’re going to Lesotho, you absolutely must go to the highest pub in Africa. It is technically located in Lesotho (atop the Sani Pass), but on the border of South Africa. 85 more words


Entering Lesotho via the Sani Pass

When researching South Africa, I stumbled upon Rough Guide’s “Things Not To Miss” in South Africa. The Sani Pass was one of the only places on their list that I hadn’t planned on hitting. 891 more words


The Beautiful Drakensberg Mountains

We figured that the best way to access Drakensberg was to stay at the Sani Lodge, located at the base of the mountains. As soon as we arrived, we quickly dropped off our bags in the room and began a short hike before sunset. 102 more words


Where's Mandela?

We had planned on spending the day at the Shongweni Game Reserve on our way to the Drakensberg Mountains, but after driving in circles, we couldn’t find it and settled for admiring the beautiful rolling hills that make up the Valley of 1000 Hills (hmm I wonder how it got that name?!).  293 more words


We are not fighters : The nation that has "Potential"

Well we can say that South Africa had the “potential” to be the group leaders amongst its group coined as the group of “death” in the AFCON tournament….. 815 more words