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Jozi Top Fives: Cheap Eats Edition

I’m about to hit a big blogging milestone: 500 posts in less than five years. 2Summers is also approaching 500,000 lifetime hits. To celebrate these occasions, I’m planning a series of “top five” posts about my favorite things in Joburg. 826 more words

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Nero's Nkandla

“The ancient Greeks were an interesting lot,” Gertruida says – because she knows everything. “They gave us myths and stories, developed mathematics and invented democracy. The world would have been so much poorer without them. 1,068 more words

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8 Things I've noticed in the U.K

One of the joys of travelling is seeing how people do things in other countries. Sometimes these differences can be trivial, other times striking.

I’ve been in the UK for almost a month now, so I felt it was time I came up with list of things I’ve noticed. 1,093 more words

South Africa

The Father of Our Tragedies

“When an elephant gets angry at you, he settles the score by resting his head on your chest. Really hard and really long – after he pinned you to the ground. 948 more words

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Once upon a time there were many, many working windmills in South Africa, pumping water from deep below the surface or the earth. Many are still there standing without a purpose but as part of a past era. 13 more words