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The Fading Significance of Remorse

“Ja, there’ll be a few sore heads in the Western Province today,” Servaas, an old Province supporter, smiles happily. “We certainly beat them fair and square.” 1,300 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

The Day a Sergeant became a General

“Those Canadians,” Vetfaan said after the third peach brandy, “are a crazy lot. Imagine doing something like this in South Africa?”

“Shooting intruders? We do that all the time. 947 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

My 500th Blog Post: 5 Things I Love and Hate about Joburg

1) What I love about Joburg: The people

This is a cliché and it flies in the face of Condé Nast‘s ludicrous pronouncement (ludicrous, I tell you!) 1,025 more words

South Africa

The Build!

Finally catching up on blogs! Apologies for the delay but internet access in South Africa was not readily available and quite expensive when I could find it! 1,681 more words


A Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Oscar Pistorius.

Dear Oscar,

I imagine you’d be surprised by this – after all, one doesn’t usually write to imaginary friends…and then expect them to read such a letter. 956 more words


Jozi Top Fives: Museums and Galleries Edition

This is my 499th blog post, and the third of my celebratory Jozi top five series.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, nearly every first-time visitor (myself included) goes to the… 973 more words

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