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Minimal Trek #3 - The journey

Step by Step break down of each day on this trek.
What we did, what we ate, what the toilets were like, how difficult it was to traverse, who got sick, altitude, camping, emotions… 358 more words


Oh Brazil You Beauty

With withdrawal symptoms kicking in from being at home for nearly two months now ( oh gosh ) I figured it was about time I told you more about my four-month trip, starting with a bit about my time in Brazil. 820 more words


Woman and Llama

Woman in traditional dress with llama near the Sacsayhuamán (sound it out, sexy woman…) Incan ruins, near Cristo Blanco, Cusco, Peru // November 2013

// AH


Modern History in Cusco

Most people come to Cusco to see the remnants of history that lie in and around it. If you’re in to that sort of thing, you certainly won’t be disappointed. 382 more words


Body autonomy and ownership for victims of the Pinochet dictatorship

It is hard for those who have exclusively lived in stable political environments to fully understand what it means to live within a dictatorship. Political and social freedoms are taken for granted in much of the Western world and although most people are taught the basics of major crimes against humanity resulting from dictatorships, (i.e. 2,934 more words