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A Basketball to Volleyball Time Lapse

Another Time Lapse Video

While I was at Notre Dame last week I knew that they were going to turn the basketball court into a volleyball court in quick time right after the game. 58 more words

College Basketball

Just the Facts: Jeff Pelley

Name: Robert Jeffrey (“Jeff”) Pelley

Date of Birth: December 10, 1971

Claim to Infamy: On Sunday morning, April 30, 1989, four members of his family were found shot to death in their home. 148 more words


Caitlin and Zachary Engagement!

“Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.” -George Eliot

Meet Caitlin and Zachary .

Zachary does math and Caitlin is a podiatrist.   75 more words


Unrestrained Selfishness

In all my years of volunteerism for positive outcomes, I have encountered opposing points of view and votes that didn’t go my way. But never have I witnessed acts of belligerent defiance like those that have occurred since the barricades were put up to stop the plague of cut-through traffic in our neighborhood. 287 more words

Shooting Volleyball at Notre Dame

Shooting Notre Dame Volleyball Again

Earlier this season I shot three matches for Notre Dame volleyball when they were in West Lafayette for a tournament at Purdue. 180 more words


Burrito Happy Holidays

Chipotle is 30 miles away from us.

I repeat-

Chipotle is THIRTY DAMN MILES away.

We went last night. It’s also the slowest Chipotle on the planet. 434 more words

Shooting Basketball at Purcell Pavilion

Shooting One Last Game for the Mocs

Last night I shot my third and final event for the Chattanooga Mocs in four days. This was a tough game for the Mocs as they went down 88-53. 433 more words