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Bicycle lanes aren't motorcycle parking spots!

It was as a spectator that I saw the motorcycle parked in the bicycle lane on the southwest corner of the intersection of 8th Avenue and Yukon Street a few days ago. 227 more words

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Peninsula Seafood Restaurant

Sometime last year, Peninsula Seafood Restaurant opened up in Oakridge Centre. Oakridge has always leaned more towards the affluent shopper given the location so it’s no surprise to find a restaurant that aims to cater to these customers. 371 more words

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Just baby steps from City Hall

I live in a wonderful city where I see young parents exhibit real concern if their small bundles of joy (usually children, sometimes dogs) so much as touch the sidewalk let alone try to pick something up off the street. 221 more words

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Hunting was fruitful yesterday -- for squirrels

Yesterday I thought I had finally found one of Vancouver’s fig trees, near Cambie Street and 16th Avenue (I hadn’t. It was a walnut tree). 497 more words

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A sign of despair or responsibility or both?

Someone went to some trouble to make the big signs I found yesterday in a dumpster up near Cambie Street.

They were nearly the size and shape of doors; made from thin, flimsy plywood and well-covered in black chalkboard paint. 63 more words

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Home sweet little home

There’s this house I see whenever my binning takes me up towards Cambie Street. It’s like a miniature dream home: peaked roof, two storeys, modest front and back yard and a veranda to boot. 188 more words

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