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His other car isn't a car, it's a Lexicle

You know those tricycle contraptions made out of bicycle bits and wrapped in an aerodynamic wind faring? Where the cyclist is positioned on their back or stomach inside what looks like a pedal-powered cruise missile? 504 more words

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Luxurious Mansion in South Cambie Neighbourhood

This custom-built mansion is located in Vancouver(Canada)’s South Cambie neighbourhood.

Address: 6789 Heather Street, Vancouver BC V6P 3P3
4 Levels
Living space: 5,265 Square Feet… 94 more words

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Clearing the decks and sidwalks for a big storm

All day Vancouver has been waiting for an especially big helping of rain and wind. Any minute now the leftovers from Tropical Storm Ana are expected to hit Vancouver hard. 189 more words

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The scary old clown in the cute old house

Months ago I photographed the cutest little house — the kind you just want to hug. I didn’t realize at the time it was also home to one of the great former talents of our age. 253 more words

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Old and new coffee shop murals of Cambie St.

After the coffee house chain JJ Bean angered many Cambie Village residents this last August by destroying a popular mural on the side of their new Cambie Street location, the established Starbucks coffee house a block away has created a pleasing new mural of their own. 562 more words

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Autumn continues to be a story worth sharing

I spent a lot of the day yesterday (October 17) ranging through the alleys along the the southern and eastern fringes of Fairview, which are that much greener and woodier than the concrete and asphalt centre of the neighbourhood. 217 more words

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Thanksgiving is also time for ripe figs

Even as I write, plump green figs are ripening on select trees across Vancouver.

But as tasty as they are now, I know the figs will only get tastier the longer I wait — every extra day means a substantial increase in their sweetness — only waiting is… 891 more words

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