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Imam of China's biggest mosque killed in Xinjiang

The head of a China’s largest mosque was murdered after conducting morning prayers, the local government in the far western region of Xinjiang said Thursday, amid intensifying violence in the turbulent region. 368 more words


Book review: The Power of Noticing, by Max Bazerman

In 2001, four years before Hurricane Katrina hit North America’s Gulf Coast, science writer Eric Berger foretold the disaster with chilling accuracy.

“New Orleans is sinking. 31 more words

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China Daily Mail makes a mark in the international media

China Daily Mail features a mixture of reposted articles about China, as well as original feature articles and opinions from over sixty contributors. Most of the reposted articles are blocked in parts of China, or the whole country, and these are provided as a service to expats inside China. 298 more words


Ten tips to lower your blood pressure

You know the routine: you walk into the examining room, perch on the table, and roll up your sleeve. Your healthcare practitioner inflates the cuff until it feels oppressively snug. 7 more words

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Infographic: China is the secret winner in 2014 World Cup

Even before the World Cup commenced, China had secretly, through its intense investment in the stadiums, rail links, electricity, construction, and even the souvenirs – something by which even Brazil’s largest corporations might struggle to fund them all by themselves, become the invincible winner in the world’s most prestigious football competition. 6 more words


The lack of gay superstars in pop is especially odd considering how much of today’s music finds inspiration from gay culture. But the tide appears to be changing.

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Streaming is gaining ground, but optical discs aren't likely to disappear just yet

“Physical media sales will continue to decline,” says Michael Inouye, senior analyst at ABI Research, who predicts that the overall market for video on demand – including sales of DVD/Blu-ray discs – will have grown by 40 per cent by 2019. 66 more words

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