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Mount Olive Mud Creek Primtive Baptist Church, Lanier County

Mount Olive Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church is one of the oldest and most historic congregations in Lanier County. The church has the traditional appearance of other Hardshell Primitive Baptist meeting houses in Southeast Georgia, except for the white painted walls. 114 more words

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Willow Hill Elementary School for Negroes, 1954, Bulloch County

A historic marker placed on 30 August 2014 reads:

Willow Hill School was established in 1874 during Reconstruction as one of the first schools for African Americans in Bulloch County.  128 more words

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Cedar Lawn Store, Bulloch County

I’d like to thank photographer Randall Davis for suggesting this location. Some thought it was located in Emanuel County, since it has a Twin City address, but it’s just over the Bulloch County line on U.S. 48 more words

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Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, 1879, Bulloch County

This congregation dates to 1879.

It was built at a time when many congregations segregated the sexes through architecture. Men entered through one door and women through another. 12 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church, 1906, Twin City

I originally thought was built for another congregation and might have had another steeple, but Eileen Dudley notes that it was built this way. Eileen is the program manager for Historic Twin City and is largely responsible for getting National Register status for the city. 45 more words

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St. James A.M.E. Church, Twin City

This style is increasingly endangered. It was once the common style of most African-American congregations in the rural South.

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