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Folk Victorian, Ellenton

Ellenton is a very small town, focused completely on agriculture. This old house was a nice architectural diversion, in surprisingly good condition.

South Georgia Architecture

Five Point Grocery-Market, Nashville

This is one Nashville’s best-loved landmarks, though it’s been years since it saw service as a grocery store.

South Georgia Architecture

Dr. Samuel Martin House, Hazlehurst

Anyone who’s ever passed through Hazlehurst on U.S. Highway 341 has undoubtedly seen this house and likely wondered about its history. Luckily, Jesse Bookhardt, a native of Jeff Davis County… 110 more words

South Georgia Architecture

The Big House, Hazlehurst

From the history brochure, distributed by the Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis County Board of Tourism:

The Big House is an antebellum-style home that overlooks the town like a grand old dame. 538 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Early Postcard Views of Tifton

Love Avenue and Methodist Church, Circa 1907

I’ve been collecting antique postcards of South Georgia towns since I was in college, beginning in 1988. I recently inherited a large collection and like to share them from time to time. 42 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Old Musella Methodist Church, Roberta

Presently known as the Lindsey Building and is used as the Roberta-Crawford Civic Center, this building was originally located in Musella and served as the Methodist church there. 57 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Dickey Farms, Musella


In business since 1897, Dickey Farms is one of Georgia’s most iconic peach growers and packers. People drive from far and wide to the out-of-the-way packinghouse here in Musella to buy their famous peach ice cream and other peach-based goodies. 9 more words

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