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" God's Own Child From God's Own Country "....

Edmund Thomas Clint was a child prodigy from Kochi, Kerela. Sadly, he lived only for 7 years and passed away due to kidney failure.

But what he did in those 7 years is a work of sheer genius. 67 more words

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Healthy, gluten-free Kerala style breakfast

I have never seen a country where a simple breakfast varies as much as it does in India. Generally speaking North Indian breakfast that tourists most commonly come across with is about masala omelette or puri (bread made of wheat) served with curry stew, whereas South Indian breakfast is more about eating things cooked with rice flower and coconut. 251 more words

Good morning Kerala!

The first morning in Kerala. It was nice to sleep windows open, without AC. It is humid and hot, but only around 33C (not 40C as it was in Rajasthan and Varanasi). 160 more words

City hopping in India

Yesterday morning we said good bye to Varanasi by placing a floating candle in the Ganges, rode a taxi to the airport and checked into a flight to Calcutta. 301 more words

Monuments or Monumental?

Here are some monuments of Hampi India. I am clearly infatuated with the stoic ancient splendor of Hampi. The architecture and the level of details is par excellence. 56 more words


Pulihora (Tamarind rice) – the festival food!

Nostalgic memories waft past, as soon as I witness the sight and aroma of this wonderful traditional South Indian Andhra dish. No festival is complete without this tangy yellow rice (yellow colored due to the prime ingredient, turmeric) … 355 more words

Yercaud roundup: Why should you go?

You don’t tell a girl that she should expect hair-pin bends. Because then what she does is use the opportunity to visualize the 447 varieties of hair-pins, hair-clips and hair-bands she has been exposed to thus far. 772 more words