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Fishermen of the Indian Ocean

We have not had courage to get up at the dawn but this morning we walked to the beach just after 8 o’clock. It was already humid but a bit misty so we were not exposed to direct sun light (even without sun light it feels about 39C).  74 more words

A Little Bit of South India in Sydney

As far as travel goes India will always, always have a special place in my heart. Especially the southern part of India.

And last Sunday I discovered a tiny piece of South India nestled amongst the Australian hinterland on the South Coast of NSW. 497 more words


Fabulous Ayurvedic Treatments

Ever since we decided to return to India for one month it was clear that one of the main destinations would have to be Kerala, because Kerala equals Ayurveda. 336 more words

Rounding Up Our Indian Trip

Embarking on our final 6 hour train journey from Bangalore to Chennai we were emotional to be rounding up our 5 month Indian journey. India has touched us in so many ways; it’s chaotic, stressful, calming, spiritual, beautiful, ugly, dirty, clean, colourful, smelly, charming, intense, exciting, poor and rich, – all at the same time! 321 more words


" இலங்கை அழிந்ததேன் ?... இரவி மறைந்ததேன்? ..." !!!

தமிழ்ச் சொற்சுவை உள்ளத்தே புகுந்து உணர்விலே ஒன்றி, கண்களில் நீர் கசியும் போதில்…
அடடா! அனுபவித்தவர்களுக்கே அதன் தரமும் சுவையும் புரியும். அற்றை நாளிலும் இற்றை நாளிலும் அடியேன் நாடுவது நல்ல நண்பர்களின் துணையை! 8 more words

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Dosa tastes better with friend

Dosa had been on my friend, Jevina’s mind all day. It is readily not available in Ventura, California where she lives. Toronto if you ask me is paradise for food, you can get food from everywhere especially South Asia. 561 more words


#100Days Photo 19: Bay of Bengal, Promenade, Pondicherry, South India

Like the Philippines, India was also colonized by different countries, one of which is France with Pondicherry as its known territory in the sub-continent. Pondicherry is a quaint coastal town-state in South India, reachable via the airport or major trains stopping at Chennai and about 3-hour bus/car drive. 187 more words

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