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BREAD HALWA (with out mawa)

Main ingredients: bread slices, milk and sugar. Prepare time: 25 minutes.



  1. ½ liter milk.
  2. 6 bread slices. (Remove the edges and cut into 4 pieces).
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I had blogged the recipe before but there were some issues with the post. Thought I would re-blog it again. My dad’s mum’s roots traces back to Kerala (one of 4 South Indian states). 148 more words



This is a staple ‘kalvani’ (broth) in my kitchen. It is ubiquitous to all Konkani households:-)

Extremely simple to make and very nutritious.

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Kothu Paratha

It hardly happens that I have leftover roti or paratha to use next day! But when I have it, I definitely make either crispy masala rotis or this dish called ‘Kothu Paratha’ :) It was my experiment based on the video I watched on youtube channel :P And yes, it worked! 184 more words


Ragi Dosa/Fermented Finger Millet Pancakes

Ragi dosa is one tasty recipe for breakfast. I have been making instant ragi dosa by dissolving ragi powder in water but   it was never crispy. 158 more words

Indian Food


I am fond of eating raw mangoes and mango pickles and amazingly last week only I tasted mango rice. That tangy mango flavor with rice and all spices was superb. 235 more words


Butternut Pumpkin Sambar

Lot of my friends go-Do you make lot of curries at home?Quickly followed by-Can you make butter chicken? I just go-No. Big No to both questions.That’s because I have South Indian heritage :) Sanju grew up in North India-although being South Indian-He loves having roti and curry/dal. 305 more words