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South Korea... A country where people are trusting and kind

People in South Korea are genuinely some of the nicest people I have ever met. I was already struck by their generosity when I was teaching in Jinju: sometimes our students would come to class with a bag full of ice-cream for everybody. 569 more words

South Korea

Visa woes

Wow. Apparently something laid out so simply and clearly on the Foreign office website can, in reality, be complicated, messy, and incredibly frustrating.

Two weeks after posting my certified degree certificate (obtained at considerable difficulty to begin with) first class, it turns out that the Foreign office never received the document anyway. 211 more words

Homework: do children get given too much?

Homework has become a bone of contention over the last few years, with many, parents, teachers and students, questioning whether it does more harm than good. 1,162 more words

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Soul-searching in Seoul

I’m going to South Korea. Hmm. What the hell do I know about South Korea? Err…? There are some countries of which, no matter where you’re from, you have this vague idea in your head of what they’re usually associated with, like Sushi to Japan, or the Out-back and Surfing to Australia; when I had to picture what Seoul would be like in my head, I drew a complete blank. 3,690 more words


Activists Launch Choco Pie-Filled Balloons Into North Korea

North Korean defectors and South Korean activists launched snack-filled balloons across the border into North Korea Wednesday.

The balloons—containing cookies and Choco Pies, a popular chocolate snack–were launched from the border town of Paju in South Korea. 110 more words


10 Obscure and Interesting Facts about Asia

Asia has influenced the Western world in many ways, but for all the vast benefits we’ve received from them, we’re barely even scraping the surface of what goes on in this diverse continent. 1,335 more words